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By: Callidus Software  09-12-2011

Migration Services

In order to help you develop a well-thought-out migration strategy and ensure you realize the full benefits of the Callidus, Callidus offers Migration Services that include:

  • A detailed needs assessment
  • A live pilot project
  • A comprehensive migration plan
  • A data migration strategy

Specifically, The Callidus Migration Services Team will work with you to create a data conversion strategy that meets your specific requirements. For example, they’ll consider factors such as how static or dynamic your compensation plans and rules are, as well as the amount of historical data needed for reporting and analysis. Careful analysis of these variables by our migration experts can help control migration and maintenance complexity and costs, and ensure long-term success. In most cases, an optimum migration path is identified up front and a pilot project executed on within two weeks.

The Migration Process

Beginning with the creation of a well-defined project scope, the migration process is an iterative one. In each phase, the deliverables and outcomes are designed to increase your team’s expertise and enable a smooth transition to the next phase.

The first step is exploration and qualification. During this process, which is designed to confirm the value of migration for your organization and explore migration strategies, we conduct a preliminary evaluation, recommend migration strategies and explain their implications and benefits.

The next and possibly most important step of the migration process is the Pilot and Project Planning phase. Designed to minimize your costs and ensure success, this phase begins with a small-scale migration using a subset of your production data. This pilot helps us identify any potential data issues and document a repeatable migration process. After the pilot is complete, project planning begins. Based on your current and future business and IT requirements, we review your current environment, resource availability, data status, and the testing and deployment environment and timeframe. Using the results of the pilot project, we provide a preliminary project plan with an estimate of duration, resources, roles and responsibilities, and an estimate of consulting fees for any technical areas in which you may need additional, paid support.

Step number three is project delivery. The Migration Services team will work with you to migrate the modules that you are using, and will complete data integration and any interface and reporting changes you require. We will also help you identify the additional modules in the Callidus SPM suite that will help you improve your sales effectiveness.

Throughout the process, we provide customized training and responsive support services to help increase your team’s product expertise. At the end of the migration, we follow through with post-deployment support that ensures your long-term success and satisfaction.

Whether a Callidus migration team leads the project or simply provides skill-specific resources as needed is entirely up to you. You can also choose to utilize our lab or manage the migration on-site. Other options include a fixed scope and fixed fee deployment for straightforward migrations, or, for more complex environments, a migration plan that is tailored to your specific operations.

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