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By: Buy Green Skin Care  31-01-2011
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No matter how late it is, or how tired you are before falling into bed...kaia natural makeup remover keeps it simple...
no rinsing, no water, no bathroom required!

Avoid that tight-skin feeling as kaia has been formulated with organic Canadian honey and infused with eight pure citrus essential oils, sunflower seed and cleans impurities with oats.

Yes, kaia really does remove mascara…even waterproof mascara without tugging and pulling!

If you suffer from sensitive skin, you know that the ingredients found in many “wet wipes” are not ideal! The beauty of bamboo is that it is very, very soft, unlike rayon (which is what most cleansing wipes are made from, and they contain wood fibers), which can be rough and can pull on the delicate skin in the eye area or cheeks.

For those with red/ irritated, inflamed skin:
kaia bamboo facial cleansing cloths are ideal for those suffering from Rosacea as the skin is fragile due to inflammation/redness and the cashmere soft cloths and gentle cleansing formula will not aggravate the skin.

Getting the most from your cleansing cloth is important as the cloths are packaged to last you an entire month: Use both sides of the cloth:

Step 1: remove your facial makeup first

Step 2: then flip the cloth over and remove lipstick and eye makeup last.

The cloth is 100% biodegradable so there is no guilt when you dispose of it…Oh and it is from a sustainable crop too… bamboo is a grass and grows like a weed (literally). 

Perfect for travel - camping, cottage or the beach.

30 cloths per box.

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