BROWN BOGGS - mach crank steel

By: Brown Boggs  09-12-2011

Crank Shaft - Steel Fabricated

BROWN BOGGS offers a variety of Heavy-Duty press designs. Flywheel type presses are rated at full capacity 1/16" off bottom of stroke, while Single and Twin End Driven geared type presses have full rated capacity at ¼" and ½" off bottom of stroke respectively. Straight Sided geared presses are available as either Single or Double Back Geared.

BROWN BOGGS Heavy Duty Straight Side presses range in capacity from 150 to 1000 Tons with bed sizes to 216" left to right at speeds up to 300 Strokes Per Minute.

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BROWN BOGGS - mech eccentric gear

Due to the excessive shock loading present with blanking and progressive die operations, all press weldments are extra heavy duty, all electrical components on the press are shock mounted where practical, critical fasteners are oversize and wired, and press clearances are kept to the minimum for running fit.