By: Brickwash  09-12-2011
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Graffiti Removel

We offer 24 Hr Mobile Graffiti Cleaning Service. We carry graffiti removers for all different types of building surfaces such as; brick, stone, stucco and fine metal finishes. Our fully outfitted trucks supply and reclaim all wash water to help protect the environment. Unique to Splash is our ability to wash at night with our “Stealth Wash Truck” that has been designed to eliminate motor noise. The graffiti is removed and the surrounding wall area is washed to blend. Digital photos are often taken for insurance claims and police reports. The graffiti cleaners that we use are non-toxic and are environmentally safe.

Sidewalk Cleaning

We start by a deep steam using a surface cleaner that resembles a lawn mower. The shroud keeps in the heat an melts away gum marks, coffee stains and years of traffic grime. We can also reclaim the dirt and water directly from the device much like a truck mount carpet cleaning service . A final steam rinse with a wand and leaves the concrete looking new. Areas surrounding pools an be washed without leaving a mess in the pool. Organic buildup between pavers can be removed without washing out the sand.

Brick and Mortar Colour Cleaning

This is a specialty service that can have great results in matching aged or pooly done repairs. Tinting of mortar to a slightly darker shade is most often desirable. We have highly skilled experts on staff for this type of work.

Rain Streak Cleaning

Often a building will look great on most of its surface, but below signs and flashing ugly black "rain streaks" can occur. This is common on storefronts and strips malls, but they can also appear on residential buildings. With steam and special cleaners we can clean these trouble areas.

Precast Brick Cleaning

Many new buildings (like Home Depots) are built with precast bricks. We are able to remove typical problems found on precast bricks such as as rust marks and rain streaks. Our wash method will leave these building looking like the day they were constructed.

Paint Removal

If you have paint on the bricks it can be removed. Paint spatter also comes off easily. The results are often amazing and worth while. Full house strips can take days to accomplish and this work requires some extra planning.

Sealing Buildings

Most brick homes and buildings have survived for decades without a water-repellent coating and thus, probably do not need one now. Older buildings are "air leaky" from the inside. Builders did not use poly vapor barriers or bathroom fans 80 or 100 years ago. Changing the permissibility of vapor through the wall from the inside out can cause spalling and other problems if the wrong sealers are used. Silane siloxane breathable sealants however do not cause these problems.Silane siloxane sealers are typically only available from specialty coatings suppliers. Water penetration into the interior of a brick building is seldom due to leaky brick. Water leakage comes from leaky roofs, clogged or deteriorated gutters and downspouts, faulty flashings, missing or cracked mortar, open joints around door and window openings are almost always the cause of moisture-related problems in brick buildings. Keeping you're building in good repair is money better spent. In some exceptions such as sandblasted damaged brick sealing is advised. In short , put your money into tuck pointing and cosmetic detailing and down pipe upgrades.

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