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By: Breathdoc  09-12-2011
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Tongue cleaners are made of several different plastics, surgical steel, silver, and copper. They come in serrated and non-serrated strips, as well as loops, flat heads with ridges, and spoon shaped heads, all with a variety of handles. There are turbo-powered tongue cleaners and electric tongue cleaners. Tongue brushes are yet another variation for cleaning the tongue surface.

BreathRx® Gentle Tongue Scraper

The BreathRx Gentle Tongue Scraper is a flexible strip serrated gently on one side and with more pronounced serrations on the other side for deeper cleaning. This tongue cleaner is durable and will loop over the tongue surface easily. If you find using both hands to hold the tongue cleaner cumbersome, form a loop and hold the loop with one hand. Gently move the tongue cleaner over the surface of the tongue. This usually requires only 3 strokes: side, middle and other side. Wash the debris off your tongue cleaner and gently scrape the middle section again. If there is no debris on the strip, then you have completed your tongue cleaning. Do not continue to scrape numerous times and do not make your tongue bleed.

Enfresh® Tongue Brush

The Enfresh Tongue Brush offers traditional brushing but with short, sturdy bristles, unlike those of your toothbrush. These bristles are firm and will reach into the tongue surface removing hidden biofilm. The brush is round and low providing good area of cleaning but without the gag reflex you get with a toothbrush. You can add a small amount of toothpaste, tongue gel, or antimicrobial oral rinse to give your mouth a fresher taste. Gently brush your tongue surface moving the brush from the tongue posterior to the anterior (back to front). As with the tongue strip, you need only a few strokes to clean your tongue.

One Drop Only® Tongue Cleaner

The One Drop Only Tongue Cleaner features an arc shaped head with a thin line of bristles that form a brush. A small ridge on the reverse side functions as a scraper. The brush bristles are short and sturdy and the handle is comfortable to hold. Tip the handle at a shallow angle and you can use the ridge as a gentle tongue scraper.


Why should you use a tongue cleaner?

Before tongue cleaners became so popular, we used to brush our tongues with a toothbrush. Is this sufficient? You can try this experiment yourself. Brush your tongue with your toothbrush then use a tongue cleaner to see if there is any debris left on the tongue surface. Some individuals are very efficient with their toothbrush but we usually find considerable biofilm left behind. At the Fresh Breath Clinic, we compare tongue cleaning to carpet cleaning. The tongue's rough suface is microscopically similar to the tight loops of fabric that create the springy texture of carpet. You can use a wet brush with a cleaner on a carpet to loosen the dirt, but you need a squeegee to remove the accumulated debris along with the cleanser.

Tongue cleaners offer several advantages over cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush. Tongue cleaners are more effective in removing oral biofilm from the tongue surface. This reduces the amount of bacteria living on the tongue surface, eliminates cellular debris (dead cells and food debris) caught in the crevices of the tongue and promotes fresher breath. A clean mouth will lead to a healthier body and a reduction of the stresses associated with that dry, stale mouth feeling.

The Halitox™ Home Breath Test is a dependable DIY test for the presence of high levels of bad breath bacteria in the mouth. The test is a simple procedure anyone can do: swab the tongue dorsum and insert the swab into a small vial. It takes only two minutes to see results. It is accurate, easy and fast, and so far it is a unique product. The Halitox™ test is completely safe, and a convenient way to check for likely signs of noticeable bad breath. You can test yourself as often as you like, whenever you have a few minutes of privacy at home, at the office, or while travelling.

Halitox™ is a quick, simple test that detects both volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) such as hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, Dimethyl disulfide, and Dimethyl sulfide, as well as polyamines like putrescine and cadaverine. VSCs smell like rotten eggs, polyamines smell like rotten flesh, and both combine to impart a foul smell to breath.

The Halitox™ reagent contains a mixture of mild chemical reagents which react with anaerobic bacterial metabolites to produce yellow colored reaction products. This buffered chemical reagent mixture will remain clear and colorless for a minimum of 8 months when left out at room temperature giving the Halitox a fairly long shelf life.

Each Halitox™ package contains materials for 2 breath tests: two (2) testing vials, two (2) swabs, and illustrated step by step intructions, in a handy resealable plastic envelope.

Keywords: Tongue Cleaners

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