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By: Braces Toronto  09-12-2011
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Before Getting Kids Braces Toronto Professionals Recommend Parents Take On This Initial Assessment Role

Parents really need to take their child to an orthodontics dentist or orthodontist to have a proper assessment about whether kids braces should even be considered for their child.

In many cases while the parents are curious about kids braces Toronto professionals know that they are not required. Without proper training it is very difficult to determine whether a child needs kids braces. Sometimes they are strongly suggested though.

There are two common examples of this. The first is that while your child’s teeth, bite and jaw may appear somewhat normal, the child may, in fact, have significant problems that could become worse if not treated properly. The second is that some situations may be very likely resolved on their own even though they appear significant at the time to an untrained eye.

Having said this, for anyone considering kids braces Toronto parents can and should take a preliminary look at their child’s teeth and mouth on their own.

With the child’s teeth closed but with the lips separated to allow for full viewing, parents should check to see if the top row of teeth are out in front of the bottom row of teeth. They should then check to see if the bottom row of teeth is in front of the top row of teeth.

Next, parents should check whether the top row of teeth properly lines up with the bottom row of teeth. And, it should also be noted about whether the front top teeth cover more than half of the bottom front teeth.

Parents should also look to identify teeth that are crooked or overlapping.

Loss Of A Tooth

Parents should also take note of missing teeth or gaps in teeth. As a side note, if your child has lost a tooth prematurely for any number of reasons such as tooth decay or injury, then “space maintainers” should be considered.

With the loss of a tooth the remaining teeth could shift their position and start filling up the vacant space. If it is a baby tooth that has been lost then when the permanent teeth emerge there will probably not be enough room for them. The result is that teeth are likely to be crooked or crowded. Not only does this affect the child’s smile but this could also negatively effect the child’s chewing of food or even his or her speaking abilities.

Space maintainers are therefore used to help ensure that the proper spaces between teeth are maintained. This, in turn, will allow the permanent teeth to grow in normally.

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