Vancouver Website Targeted by US Government as a Leading Pirate Website Breaching Copyright Laws

By: Bougadis Chang LLP  02-03-2011
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Article today in Globe & Mail about the US government's efforts to shut down Vancouver website - - for alleged violations in peer to peer movie & song sharing.

Among the younger generation, these and similar sites are common place.

This continues the ongoing battle for publishers - whether of movies, songs, newspapers, books, etc -who sweek to control their end product and to find a way to earn revenue while combating piracy.

The cable companies in Canada, such as Rogers, still have a strangle hold on the majority of the delivery of content.  The recent introduction of Netflix in Canada, as well as various other companies, such as Cineplex allowing you to buy movies on-line, in addition to the internet, is challenging these traditional distribution markets.

Gregory Chang
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