Ontario Legal Aid System Under Review, Improvements Needed

By: Bougadis Chang LLP  17-03-2011
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Ontario's Legal Aid System is continually under review.  A recent article in the Toronto Sun about access to justice; The Honourable Mr. Justice Peter Cory, former Supreme Court justice, having performed a review in 2000, which is being considered further by the Law Society of Ontario in its ongoing review of the scope of paralegal work; and a recent opinion article on the problems with Legal Aid in the criminal sphere in Ontario.

The Honourable Mr. Chris Bentley, Attorney General of Ontario, is seen to be a leading candidate in the anticipated, eventual race to replace current Premier McGuinty.  Joga Chahal, of our office, met Attorney General Bentley in May, 2009 at a CASAL function.

It is not uncommon for Legal Aid systems elsewhere to experience difficulty, particularly related to access to justice issues and funding. 

For example, the recent Doust report in British Columbia on that province's Legal Aid system points out various problems and deficiencies. 

A recent interesting article on Spanish lawyers in Madrid threatening to strike and withhold services, due to problems with their Legal Aid system, including funding and payment issues.

Gregory Chang
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