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By: Bmw Toronto Motorrad  09-12-2011
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BMW Motorrad Canada warrants BMW motorcycles, imported by BMW Motorrad Canada to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 36 months, without kilometrage limitation, commencing with the date the motorcycle is first delivered to the first retail purchaser, or is first placed in service as a "demonstrator" or "company motorcycle". The battery shall be covered for a period of 24 months. This limited warranty does not cover any performance accessory or any component attached or provided by the retailer which alters the original engineering or operating specification of the motorcycle nor any damage to the motorcycle, which results from any such performance accessory or component. To obtain service under this warranty, the motorcycle must be brought, upon discovery of the defect, to the workshop of any authorized BMW motorcycle retailer. This retailer will, without charge for parts or labour, either repair or replace the defective part(s). The decision to repair or replace said part(s) being wholly the prerogative of BMW Motorrad Canada. Parts for which replacement are made become the property of BMW Motorrad Canada.

BMW Motorrad Canada makes no other express warranty on this product.

The duration of any implied warranty of merchantability, is limited to the duration of the express warranty herein. BMW Motorrad Canada hereby excludes incidental and consequential damages, including loss of time, inconvenience, or loss of use of the vehicle, of any breach of any express or implied warranty, including any implied warranty or merchantability that may be applicable to this product. The provisions contained in this written warranty are not intended to limit, modify, take away from, disclaim or exclude any statutory warranty which, by law, may not be excluded or limited. This warranty is the only and the entire written warranty given by BMW Motorrad Canada of BMW motorcycles. No retailer or his agent or employee is authorized to extend or enlarge on this warranty on behalf of BMW by any written or verbal statement or advertisement.

Please note that this warranty does not apply to the following:

Maintenance Services

This includes scheduled maintenance, oil changes, wheel balancing, mechanical adjustments, or repairs which become necessary through normal use or wear and tear, such as resetting ignition timing, valve adjustments, carburetor adjustment, steering head bearing adjustment, or input shaft and clutch spline lubrications. Also maintenance service associated parts such as valve shims, gaskets, lubricants and coolants, etc.

Service Items

This includes the replacement of spark plugs, filters, brake pads or linings and rotors, steering head and wheel bearings, incandescent bulbs, fuses, and rubber items such as handgrips, footrests, foot shift, control cables and shields, exhaust pipes and mufflers for discolouration of finish.

The following items are warrantable for defects in material and workmanship for the first 7,500 kilometres:

  • Brake pads, linings and rotors
  • Steering head, front wheel and swing arm bearings
  • Headlight bulb (H-4)
  • Cables
  • Clutches
  • Windshield
  • Shocks and springs


Batteries that exhibit signs of neglect (sulfated) or overcharging (mossing, shedding or buckled-positive plates).


Service performed by anyone other than Clarion Canada Inc. which results in damage to the product. Any product subject to contamination of any nature or which has had the serial number altered, defaced or removed, or which has been connected, installed, adjusted, or repaired other than in accordance with instruction furnished by BMW Motorrad Canada or Clarion Canada Inc. Elimination of static or other electrical interference, external to the audio system, tape head cleaning or adjustments. Radio serial number must appear on sales documentation.


Tires are warranted by their respective manufacturer for defects in material and workmanship.

Lack of Service

This includes damage attributable to failure to perform maintenance services at the specified intervals or in accordance with the instructions in the "Rider's Manual" and/or Proof of Ownership booklet. Proof must be provided either by a paid invoice copy or filling in the appropriate boxes in the Proof of Ownership booklet.


This includes damage resulting from negligence, improper treatment, accidents or improper accident damage repairs, corrosion from road salts, battery acid, cleaning agents, environmental influences, or treatment contrary to the "Rider's Manual" and/or Proof of Ownership booklet.

Non-BMW Parts

Damage to a component or assembly due to the installation of replacement parts with specifications that differ in any material respect from original BMW parts.


The Warranty shall be null and void if:

1. The motorcycle is used in any competitive events

2. The motorcycle has been declared a total loss

Please see your BMW Toronto Motorrad sales consultant for additional information on coverage and limitations.

Keywords: Motorcycle

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