Architectural Illustration, 3D Rendering & Animation, Architectural visualization

By: Bird3d  09-12-2011
Keywords: Real Estate, Architecture, Animation


  1. Still image architectural rendering (interiors, exteriors, bird views and landscape architecture)
  2. 3D isometric floor plan, 360° virtual reality movie
  3. Photomontage, superimposed image
  4. Fly-through animation for architectural projects
  5. Visualization and animation for industrial and commercial products
  6. Video Production

Why choose us? If your goal is to completely amaze your clients with photo-realistic illustration of your ideas, we are prepared to fully meet your needs.  We provide superior services of architectural visualizations for real estate developers, home builders, realty agents, architects and companies world wide.

With advances of state-of-art computer technology, our products highly intertwine the boundary between physical reality and digital models.  Bird3D studio emphasizes the spirits of 3D illustration from a special charm of blending digital medium with traditional and classy art.  This is one of the important factors that make us differ from others.

Pricing? Usually the quotes vary from several hundreds dollars for a simple scene to high budget for a complex animation movie. It's important that you send us complete information so we can issue a dedicated quote of your project.
Please see below for a sample price chart:

One apartment interior space still rendering $800*
One exterior building still rendering $800*
One apartment 360° virtual movie $900*

*All the prices listed above are only for sample purpose only. Please send in detailed information of your project to get a dedicated quote as per all your requirements.

How much information does it need to get started? We can start producing the renderings based on any useful materials you provide, like sketches, construction drawings, elevations, floor plans, scanned pictures, real photos, material sample scans, etc.  The more information you provide, the faster the process that we can carry out your renderings.

Revisions of rendering? Every project comes with reasonable amount of fixes and revisions.  But it's very important that you sent us the final end of designs.  Pending design concepts, structure changes or unreasonable amount of design-related revisions during the rendering process will be additionally charged accordingly .

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Keywords: Animation, Architectural Rendering, Architecture, Real Estate