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By: Bi Metrix  09-12-2011
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BI-Metrix's solutions combine the power of Microsoft Excel and a financially intelligent multidimensional model to facilitate data analysis and greatly simplify the creation of reports. With Windows and web-based capability, it lets you rapidly access, slice-and-dice, drill into, compare, and chart your company's information all within Excel's familiar spreadsheet environment. With BI-Metrix's solutions, you will maximize your existing investment in your ERP system and Microsoft Office for truly integrated reporting, analysis and dashboarding.

Accurate, timely and comprehensive data access, analysis and reporting are urgent priorities for businesses seeking to establish informed decision-making at all levels.

Access your company's data anywhere, any time. Examine it from different perspectives - by G/L account, fiscal set, period, department, region, customer or any area of your operations. Produce reports, and determine variances and trends to help align operations with goals and forecasts. With this easy-to-use and flexible BI solution, you will be able to extrapolate more information from your ERP data to help you answer more complex questions - leading to increased revenues and higher profit margins.

Enterprise analytics in the hands of business users

With BI-Metrix’s BI solution business users perform reporting and analysis of their trusted ERP data in Excel’s familiar spreadsheet environment, allowing them to leverage all of Excel’s formatting and graphing capabilities. Simple user interfaces allow for easy creation of reports with drag-and-drop capabilities. Web-based access allows for sharing and collaboration of information, all within the control of your ERP security.

Intuitive and powerful analysis enables users to navigate the data in ways that make sense to them and isolate selected accounts, products, and geographies to create any style of financial or nonfinancial report. With no requirement for long complex formulas, scripts or SQL, business users can build reports by typing accounts or products directly into the spreadsheet or by selecting them from a report wizard. Advanced analytics, such as dynamic ranking, filtering and sorting allows business users to isolate different areas of their business for better decision making.

Cost effective

Our simplified set-up reduces IT overhead and total cost of ownership - fewer components to install, easy roll-out. Our BI solution integrates directly with your existing ERP's security and account structure, resulting in fewer maintenance costs. Full integration with your ERP tool and Microsoft Excel results in less dependence on IT and consultants to produce reports.

Self-serve analytics and reporting

The importance of accessing quality data is more critical than ever. Our financially intelligent solution ensures that business users have access to the information they need, when they need it, without reliance on high-powered users or IT. BI-Metrix provides powerful and intuitive analytical capabilities while ensuring that information is always presented as the user expects. A variety of drill-down and advanced analytical options as well as sophisticated graphing, charting and conditional formatting allows business users to investigate performance and identify specific organizational dynamics, trends and events and the drivers behind them. BI-Metrix puts people and business objectives first by empowering users to be self sufficient.

Information - anywhere, any time

BI-Metrix’s cube files are portable self-contained OLAP databases that can be replicated and distributed easily.  With cube files, users can analyze information anywhere and at any time without online or network connections. Our cube file technology allows companies to build multidimensional business models without the expense of owning and maintaining a multidimensional database.

Keywords: analytics, Cube Files, Data Analysis, Erp,

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