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By: Bevinco  09-12-2011
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Profit Management and Inventory Control

Capture Every Drop of Profit

“Mismanagement”   “Waste”   “Shrinkage”   “Theft”

No matter what words you use, it all means the same thing: lost profits! Identifying and managing this problem is something every business struggles with on a daily basis; however, studies have shown the hospitality industry suffers from a “shrinkage” problem far exceeding any other business sector. Thousands of beverage audits of bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs have revealed that these losses range from 15-35%, with the average loss being almost 20%!

What can you do? Bevinco has the answer.

A Scientific High Tech Approach That Works

The Bevinco solution is dedicated to providing bar and restaurant owners with a proven, effective method to control liquor loss and improve profitability. Bevinco provides a system, whereby a fully trained certified auditor comes into the customer's  bar and using our proprietary software along with the latest in computer and inventory control technology performs a detailed audit. These on-site audits identify sources of shrinkage and aid in developing corrective strategies. Once the audit is complete the bar/restaurant owner is provided with in-depth reports. The Bevinco representative will then work with the bar owner and staff to implement control measures and profit enhancement strategies. Our customers discover lost profits – even if they have been utilizing traditional methods of loss prevention. With our service, there's NO guessing and NO error!

Bevinco Detailed Reports and Analytics

Optimize your financial performance with industry-leading reporting, planning and analysis capabilities.

Knowing what is going on in your business right now is the first step to making decisions that make a difference. Bevinco reports give you comprehensive access to pertinent information so you can make the right decisions.

Once your weekly inventory has been completed, you will be provided with confidential, detailed reports that account for every drop of liquor, wine and beer poured in your establishment. When you utilize Bevinco's service, you will be able to hold your staff accountable and discover where the cracks are. By doing so, our clients typically experience shrinkage of less than 5%.

The Bottom Line:

No matter what inventory management system or method of analysis you are currently using, Bevinco will get you better results.

VALUE ADDED: Count on Bevinco for strategies that work!

Bevinco is dedicated to helping you make your business more successful, and we realize that means much more than just weighing product and generating reports! With that in mind, we have developed a number of proven strategies for helping you work with your staff to reduce liquor loss. The causes of this loss include over-pouring, over portioning, improper stock rotation leading to spoilage, vendor discrepancies, improper yielding techniques, insufficient training of staff, carelessness and employee theft. By integrating our strategies into your operation, you will be able to set goals that will ensure your employees are accountable for what they serve on each shift – and still make them feel that they're part of “the team” and ensure a positive work environment.

Our customers know that when a Bevinco analyst is doing an audit in their bar he has completed Bevinco’s extensive training & meets our stringent requirements. Our analysts know and understand the bar business and have undergone specialized training and continuous training in the Global Office.  Bevinco has a 20+ year reputation on the line. We never send an under trained employee/ incompetent auditor to a customer’s bar.

Our consultants on the front line are equipped to handle the unique challenges of your bar’s inventory control management with integrity and competency.

Keywords: Bar, Hospitality Industry, Inventory Control, Inventory Management

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