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By: Benefaction  09-12-2011

With Benefaction Foundation, you can realize the financial advantages and personal satisfaction that come with establishing your own charitable foundation, with significantly less cost and complexity.  By establishing a Donor Advised Fund with us you can name your foundation whatever you wish and manage all your charitable donations through one vehicle tailored to reflect your philanthropic goals and values.

You advise us on how you would like your donation to be used and on how you would like the assets invested, and you’ll receive tax benefits on your donation. In the meantime, we work behind-the-scenes, handling all the administrative details and providing you with regular, measurable feedback on the positive impact of your generosity.

There is no formula for philanthropic giving. Every individual, family and organization has distinct interests, concerns, goals and needs. Benefaction can work with you to develop a personalized giving plan, tailored to reflect your family’s philanthropic goals and values.

Benefaction’s staff and network of expert advisors are available to help you:
• Focus your giving strategy
• Evaluate the impact of your gift
• See your charitable dollars at work
• Involve family members in your giving strategy over time

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How DAFs Work| Benefaction Charitable Public Foundation

Donate cash, securities, life insurance, and gifts from your estate to your fund, or invite family members, friends and colleagues to get involved in your cause by making a donation to your fund. If you think a Donor Advised Fund is for you, Benefaction makes it easy, cost-effective and tax-efficient for you and your family to make a difference. It is like having your own foundation— without the expense and hassle of managing an organization.


Benefits of DAFs| Benefaction Charitable Public Foundation

You advise Benefaction to make donations to qualifying charities of your choice, or you can choose to donate to one of our thoughtfully designed Charity Portfolios. In addition, when you donate securities, the tax liability typically associated with the realization of accrued capital gains will be significantly reduced. You receive a charitable donation receipt when you donate cash or publicly listed securities to your charitable fund.


Are You Ready? | Benefaction Charitable Public Foundation

Do I find myself dealing with calls for donations, when I would rather proactively plan to make the most of my charitable dollars. Do I have highly appreciated securities or property for which I want to avoid taxes on the capital gains. Do I envision making a lasting impact, but feel overwhelmed by the many charities vying for my gift. Have I considered establishing a foundation but am unsure how to start and manage it.


Teach Your Kids to GIVE| Benefaction Charitable Public Foundation

At the meeting, encourage everyone to shares what made them happy or sad during the year, and then lobbies for a cause that deserves the family’s philanthropic support in the year ahead. Grandparents around the country are finding ways — some subtle, some not so subtle — to drive home to their grandchildren the idea that it can be fun to give.


Solutions | Benefaction Charitable Public Foundation

Whether you are running a small charity and want help reducing your paperwork or you own your own business and want to establish a charitable giving strategy. Benefaction provides simple, smart and tax-effective solutions for individuals, advisors,businesses and charities. Now you can attract and retain high net worth clients who wish to give back by donating to charity. Let us help make your philanthropic vision a reality.


For Individuals | Benefaction Charitable Public Foundation

Whether you wish to support the arts, conserve natural resources, advance medical research or help an underprivileged child, giving back speaks volumes about who you are and the values you hold dear. Now, with Benefaction, he or she can continue to help ensure your gifts complement your overall wealth management strategy and supports your cause in a way that is effective and lasting.