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By: Beit Zatoun  09-12-2011

Beit Zatoun

allows you to shop Zatoun's expanded selection of Fair Trade products from Palestine including much-loved Zatoun extra virgin olive oil, handmade soap, exquisite soap assortment, embroidered small crafts, printed materials, selected DVDs and CDs, and other items.

Beit Zatoun

wants to be a destination for fair trade products of all kinds and from different parts of the world. You can find "Cafe Justicia" Fair Trade coffee from "El Paraiso Cooperative" on the shores of Lake Atitlán in the highlands of central Guatemala. Sold in two roasts - dark and medium - in bean and grind. Bags are 300g and retail for $12.

You can also find very fine knitted items from Bolivia. There are mitts, hats and scarves from three producers:

  1. Awashani from the far south of Bolivia. An area known for mining, Awashani supports female miners & wives of miners by offering a viable alternative to working in unsafe mines. Awashani products are completely natural, woven from hand spun llama wool & dyed with natural dyes.
  2. Coralia was founded by Carolina Rodriguez after many years working in textile factories. Coralia workers are paid a fair wage and provided with a hot lunch. The women never work more than 8 hour shifts and can also work from home. The workers are supported if they wish to pursue higher education.
  3. Jumampi products come from El Alto (a slum north of La Paz) and the word means "together" in indigenous Aymara. The group is composed of five women and five men. All income is shared equally and decisions are made as a group. When asked what their dreams, they mentioned health care and education.
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