Hospitality Industry Problems

By: Beersaver  09-12-2011
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Hospitality Industry Problems

Do you think there are unaccounted pours at your establishments?

Statistics have indicated that losses due to careless over-pours and theft range from 5% to 50% in the hospitality industry. The average amount is approximately 23%, which equates to nearly 1 out of 4 beers that go missing. Wait staff may steal, bartenders may steal, and managers may steal. Any combination of these employees might be working together to pocket cash belonging to your business.

Why is there so much theft?

Due to the enormous amount of cash transactions in this industry, theft is an ever-present temptation. The lack of accountability provides an easy path for employees to steal.

How does theft occur?

  • Individual staff sell drinks without recording transactions in the POS.
  • Working together, bartenders and wait staff collect cash off the record.
  • Staff charge customers regular prices for drinks, ring those in as lower-priced specials, then pocket the difference and/or a bigger tip.
  • Employees reverse and void transactions.
  • Staff falsify returned drinks from customers, then keep the cash that is supposedly owed to customers.

Keywords: Hospitality Industry