Telecommunication Solutions / Property Situational Awarness

Telecommunication Solutions / Property Situational Awarness from BCI Networks

By: BCI Networks  02-12-2010
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One Stop Shopping

We are a single source for your entire communications infrastructure;

Voice, IP, Wireless, Data, Cable and Security (CCTV & Access Control).

Telephony Technologies:

• Unified Messaging > VM to EM • Unified Communications > Cell Phone Integration • Conference Bridge • Call-Center Applications • CTI > Computer Telephony Integration • ACD > Automated Call Distribution; a device or system that distributes incoming calls to a specific group of terminals that agents use • IVR > Interactive Voice Response; a phone technology that allows a computer to detect voice and touch tones using a normal phone call. The IVR system can respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct callers on how to proceed. • VoIP > Voice over Data Networks • Wireless Voice Networks • Viometrics > functions as a password replacement tool and works in two steps: registration and authentication. Secure Voice Mail Access, a user's identity is authenticated through voice biometrics, rather than via password entry, providing secure access to personal voicemail boxes. Secure access to account info, In call center or IVR scenarios, financial institutions, health clinics, and any other organizations that provide highly personal information or services to clients benefit from voice biometrics. Physical access control & security, Phone lines often control access to physical spaces such as offices, or manage security in home or dorm situations. This method poses problems: someone must be available to buzz an individual in, or passwords may be forgotten in moments of stress •

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As BCI Networks is not limited to any particular manufacturer and yet we are official dealers of several major manufacturers - we have developed an approach of tailoring solutions to specific end-user requirements.

By shifting the focus from reselling hardware to providing solutions, BCI Networks stands out in the marketplace. We specialize in finding innovative solutions to complex challenges and sourcing the optimal fit in a choice of products. This commitment to excellence is reflected in our close working relationship with many leading technology manufacturers. Our designation as Authorized Dealers for Nortel Networks and Tadiran-Telecom is further indication of the respect we command in the industry.


Our particular strength is integrating various systems that will perform in tandem with the telecommunication platform to offer an all-encompassing solution.

This particular skill allowed us to “zero-in” on a specific niche: senior communities - retirement homes, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

We boast our experience with successful deployments in this particular industry because it confirms our ability to design a solution beyond selling the features and benefits of any given PBX brand. Our specialty is integrating several technologies to provide a “big picture” solution which demands creativity and challenges us to think like our clients and not merely to peddle a box.

Other noted successes would include:

       Real-estate brokerage environments; BCI is the approved solution provider for telecommunications for Exit Realty franchisees.

       Private banking firms with multiple locations; Cambridge Mercantile  - Foreign Currency Banking & Exchange with several offices; Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, London-England. – Deployment of 2 Nortel BCM-400’s and a multitude of BCM 50’s.

       Manufacturing facilities with multiple locations. Fenwick Automotive - manufacturer with production facilities in , BCI networking a Coral IPx by Tadiran in and Nortel in .

       Comvesre Inc. – a major Israeli hi-tech company with 40 branches world wide.  BCI is responsible for the installation and service of the telecommunication systems (consisting of both Nortel & Tadiran systems) for Comverse’s North American operations/locations. We network into head office’s 81 T-1 connections for both data and voice.

BCI Networks is in the telecommunication business for more than 10 years and our technical team has the combined experience to install and service Nortel, Tadiran Telecom, and Panasonic systems.

We offer 24/7 technical support and current technology allows for remote assistance to resolve most technical issues.

Telecom and Data Carrier Services:

Allow us the opportunity to review current billing for telecom & data connectivity to determine if we may be able to save you money on a monthly basis by finding more cost effective carriers and eliminating wasteful services.

We make it our business to continuously shop the market for the most cost effective carriers across North America and partner with Bell, Telus, All-Stream, all the major US Telco’s and other network partners to CONNECT you at the most reasonable prices available in the market.