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By: Bankrupt Artist V.3  09-12-2011

Well, the working theory is that the black flag flying over the Citadel in Halifax is either “No Quarter” or “Caution Plague” or, as someone else suggested “We have cookies!” Take your chances, but be prepared that if there are cookies, they couldn’t possibly be good enough to risk it… unless there are two types [..]

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atheism | bankrupt artist v.3

I made a little quiz for the movie Expelled, but I’m including the whole thing here seeing as how not everyone has Facebook, or cares to have the Flixter application installed (it does steal your soul, but you get used to it). If you’d prefer to take the test on Flixster.


art | bankrupt artist v.3

Pigeon Brain Sent by lizzeedee on July 23, 2008: i get that this is art and all, but i have a pet pigeon, and about screamed when i saw this. To me, it’s as if i say i don’t particularly care for babies, and found one gutted somewhere, took a picture of it, and put.


angst | bankrupt artist v.3

There was once a creationist nut (CreNu, we’ll call him) who facebook-friended a whole bunch of atheists and skeptics.


geek | bankrupt artist v.3

Diebold apparently fixed the old, hackable systems that Princeton’s IT Security types exposed last election, and released newer, even more hackable systems this time around. Is the American election is going to be about who hacks the most systems in the most districts for their candidate. However the voting goes, the results could be contested.


health | bankrupt artist v.3

I haven’t really said much on the Whole Foods CEO’s so-called health care reform suggestions.


film | bankrupt artist v.3

STAR WARS: EPISODE III – REVENGE OF THE SITH – A horrible, nearly unwatchable movie as George Lucas made it, made into something watchable as this fan-edit, subtitled DARK FORCE RISING, put together by Kerr.


comics | bankrupt artist v.3

Matt Bors presents a surprisingly good idea on how to save print journalism, working from the success that another free-at-home product has seen thanks to packaging.