Access Technology Training. BALANCE for blind adults

By: Balance For Blind Adults  09-12-2011

Our Access Technology Program offers computer courses throughout the year. If you need computer training for home or for work, our experienced instructors are ready to help.

Access Technology services

  • customized, one-on-one training
  • group classes
  • technical support during and after training
  • up-to-date information on adaptive technologies and digital assistants
  • a well-equipped training centre, centrally located in downtown Toronto

Access Technology instruction

Adaptive technologies & access devices

  • screen reading and screen magnification software/hardware
  • refreshable Braille displays
  • Braille embossing hardware/software
  • Braille and other note taking devices

Computer applications (group classes)

  • Windows operating system and basic file management procedures
  • introduction to word processing, keyboarding, and basic editing skills
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook
  • troubleshooting and maintaining your computer

Information technologies

  • introduction to the Internet (requires your own Internet provider)

Digital devices

  • digital players/recorders
  • Personal Digital Assistants (P.D.A.s)
  • personal G.P.S. (global positioning satellite) systems
  • mobile phones with screen reader technology

Check the BALANCE News page for upcoming group classes. Watch the site for new course developments in Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Access.

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Employment Services. BALANCE for blind adults

Additionally, BALANCE also assisted CPA in acquiring a Braille Embosser, Braille Display, CCTV, Zoom text, and JAWS to make CPA’s Employment Resource Centre completely accessible to blind or vision impaired job seekers. The partnership between BALANCE and CPA began two-years ago and its purpose has been to build CPA’s capacity to work knowledgeably and effectively with job seekers who are blind or vision impaired.


Daily Living Skills. BALANCE for blind adults

If you have recently experienced vision loss and need techniques for daily living or if you are managing your home and kitchen for the first time. BALANCE has helped me to become a household executive caring for my two young children and managing cleaning, laundry and meal preparation.. A D.L.S. instructor will work with you to set and achieve goals in home management and personal management.


Orientation and Mobility. BALANCE for blind adults

Being able to travel safely in your home and community helps you build confidence and enjoy going out where and when you want. BALANCE for Blind Adults offers orientation and mobility instruction tailored to your daily activities and interests. Our experienced instructors help you feel safe, secure, and ready to explore your surroundings in new ways. Prepare for dog guide training and learn to work well with your dog after training.