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By: Baez Computers  09-12-2011

The internet is now

used more than all other sources

to find anything and everything. People want to find information fast, and the best way to do this is via website.

But simply designing a website is not enough. A well designed website shows many things about a company. It shows that a company is


about what they do. It shows they take the time to make things easier for their visitors by making

a well-structered site. And it shows the type of environment someone can expect if they were to do business.

A lot rides on a website.

We not only develop a website that does all of the above, but we also ensure it is

exactly the way you want it

. Communication is a big part of website development and we will never leave you feeling left out. You have a say during every step of the process.

Along with creating your website exactly the way you want it, we ensure that it follows the rules and regulations set out by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C.

You may have noticed the

icon on the left hand side of every page on our website. Your website does not have to have this icon by any means but the pages we design will still follow the regulations. This icon only shows you that our pages are compliant with the


Following these standards provides several benefits including:
  • Cross-browser compatibility ensuring all your visitors see the exact same website layout
  • Faster, more efficient code making your website quicker to load and easier to maintain
  • Much easier for search engines to navigate pages resulting in a higher page rank

While other web designers charge extra for each of these features, we perform all these steps at no extra cost to you. See for yourself what a great website can do for you or your business.

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