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By: Axios Systems  09-12-2011
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assyst is a leading enterprise IT Service Management () software solution that enables better, faster and cheaper delivery and support of IT services. Developed and continually updated to support current , assyst delivers rich functionality to meet the complex needs of large enterprise organizations. Benefiting from over 20 years of research and development, assyst is one of the most functionally mature ITSM solutions on the market, with a proven track record for delivering measurable results in large organizations across the globe.

Our IT operation is delivering a far better business service to the organization, and the business has noticed.

Rich Functionality

As one of the most established software products on the market, assyst is an embodiment of over 20 years of focus on the ITSM market. Our experience of customer needs drives the development of a software product that combines an unrivalled depth of functionality with unique simplicity of management. The solution incorporates best-in-class ITSM features to meet the complex IT management demands of large enterprise organizations.

  • Service Catalog with end-to-end management of request fulfillment
  • Powerful workflow management functionality
  • Tools-based customization and business rules modeling
  • Easy integration to other best-of-breed applications

Rapid Out-of-the-Box Implementation

assyst was developed to deliver rapid value over the shortest possible implementation timescales. As an all-in-one ITIL solution, assyst supports the full ITIL spectrum without lengthy module integration projects. Tailoring to specific needs is enabled by configuration tools, avoiding the development of new customizations to meet requirements. assyst can be fitted to the needs of large organizations faster than any other enterprise ITSM solution.

Scalable Service Management Software

Flexible ITSM Software

The combination of specially designed customization tools and annual product releases means the assyst solution continues to meet the challenges our customers face in ITSM. Specially designed configuration tools allow easy customization without the need for heavy scripting or full-scale development projects.

Easy Toolset Upgrade

The research and development of assyst is fundamentally driven by our customer base, to ensure they continue to gain value. We recognize the problems many organizations face when deploying new product releases and include ease-of-upgrade as a primary requirement in the design of new product versions. As a single application, there is a simple upgrade path to benefit from the latest functionality across all ITSM disciplines. Data and customizations are abstracted from the system architecture and can enable fast and efficient upgrades.

Low Risk

We are proud of our track record of success and to date, have no failed implementations. We recognize the key to success in ITSM lies in understanding our customer's needs. As the first step to an implementation, we run a workshop with the customer to identify the scope of the project and produce a fixed-cost guarantee for a solution to meet the needs of the customer.

ITSM Toolset Integration

The assyst solution is a single service management software application, requiring no integration between modules to deploy service desk, incident, problem, change, configuration or any other ITIL V2 or V3 process. To enable assyst to integrate into the existing context of IT operations tools, we provide a number of flexible interfaces.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

assyst can be deployed, integrated and made operational faster than any other enterprise ITSM solution on the market. Based on flexible configuration tools, not a customization environment, the solution avoids the need for expensive development projects to meet requirements, meaning the solution can be deployed and maintained faster and cheaper.

Keywords: It Service Management, service management, Service Management Software, Software Solution

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Why do I need a service management solution

In many cases, the IT department is responsible for the largest chunk of the organization’s capital investment and operational expenditure, which naturally draws a great deal of pressure to control costs and demonstrate value. It is important for IT to prevent downtime wherever possible through visibility of impact, risk and cost, as well as providing a solid plan to support disaster recovery.


Why ITSM Now? - Because IT services have never been so critical

To further support risk management, the CMDB can be utilized as a blueprint for creating duplicate offsite IT support infrastructures for business critical IT services, while a CMDB baseline, a ‘snapshot’ of the infrastructure, can be used to roll back to a known safe configuration or reconstruct the IT estate in record time.


Enterprise Service Desk Software and ITSM Solutions

The assyst ITSM software solution is designed to support the needs of large and multi-national enterprise organizations with a need to gain and maintain control over the infrastructure and services that IT supports. Single product – one vendor, one application, one implementation, one license.