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By: Axicon  27-02-2015
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When it comes to choosing a railing for your deck, there are a variety of options to match your desired style and use. The Ontario Building Code (OBC) states that when constructing a deck over 2 feet high, a railing is required. If your deck is between 2 feet and 6 feet high, a railing of 32” high is required to satisfy safety requirements. Decks over 6 feet high require a railing of 42” high. Railings can be constructed using several materials, regardless of the material of the deck they are attached to. This can be standard green pressure treated wood, premium brown pressure treated wood, cedar wood, aluminum, glass, PVC or composite. Wood railings provide certain advantages over other types of rails: they are generally the most cost effective option, and they are strong, durable, and can match the material of the deck they are built upon. Standard green pressure treated material provides the lowest cost, followed by brown pressure treated. The cost for cedar is higher than pressure treated; however, it does have a more premium, polished look as well as a beautiful natural aroma. With wood railings of any material, vertically installed pickets provide a traditional look to your deck, while horizontal boards add a contemporary look to your property. Wood can also be stained or painted to match your deck or your house. Stain and paint can also be used on certain parts of your railing (for example every other picket) to accent certain features of your house, deck or patio furniture. An all-aluminum railing system can be a beautiful accent to your deck, and it carries with it a long product life span. Aluminum can be found in numerous colours and styles customizable to your project. A combination of wood and aluminum can give your deck an appealing blend of modern and traditional styling. Aluminum is also very environmentally friendly as the majority of aluminum in Canada is about 30% recycled material. Whether it be snow, rain, hail, or sleet, aluminum railings have proven time and time again to be resilient under harsh Toronto weather conditions. Aluminum railings are also coated with an industrial grade finish that is resistant to harmful UV rays, preventing them from fading under sunlight. Glass railings are arguably the most expensive yet aesthetically pleasing railing option with relatively low maintenance. Glass provides an unobstructed view of the surroundings and can be a favourite for home owners with small children or small pets as it provides them with a full view of the property with a much greater area covered to prevent small items like toys falling off of the deck. Glass railings are manufactured with tempered glass which, if under a high amount of stress, will shatter into thousands of small pieces to substantially reduce the danger of broken glass. Many homeowners and contractors in Toronto will underestimate the value and aesthetic appeal a premium railing can add to their deck or concrete porch. At Axicon, we firmly believe that the client should be well informed on the variety of customization options available for their deck, including railing styles and material options.

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