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By: Axicon  28-12-2015
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At Axicon, we will design and build you a gazebo with top notch craftsmanship and attention to detail for your Toronto home.Gazebos have been around for centuries; acting as garden fixtures and outdoor shelters, even preceding the use of tents. Today, gazebos provide privacy, shade from the sun’s rays, protection from rain and are an ideal spot for an outdoor gathering with your friends and family. They often become the central focal point of your property, creating a unique aesthetic that increases the value of your premises. Gazebos are most often used by its owners in the summertime when the weather is warm and sunny. You can rest assured that Axis Construction will build a durable gazebo that withstands the frigid rigours of Canadian weather so you can enjoy it year after year for decades. A building permit is not required for a gazebo that measures less than 108 square feet. The first step to creating a perfect gazebo is to lay out a perfect foundation. Depending on your location, placement and preference, there is an assortment of choices for keeping your gazebo’s structure levelled. If your ground is quite flat already and your preferred structure is under 14 feet, patio stones are an easy way to set up your gazebo effortlessly. However, Axicon recommends something more stable and permanent such as concrete footings. Concrete footings provide a superior degree of stability and permanence, making your gazebo a more durable structure. Leave it to us to determine the appropriate depth and size. As with all of our ground work, the foundation for your gazebo will be drilled well below the frost line to prevent weather-related deterioration. Another type of foundation for gazebos is a concrete pad. This is a must if you are planning on using your gazebo as a hot tub or jacuzzi enclosure. Although the cost is higher than the other options, the sturdiness of the concrete is sometimes necessary to support a heavy mass. With this type of foundation, you can opt out of having a floor thus making the rest of the gazebo structure mount straight into the concrete. Axicon will provide you with the most solid options for your gazebo, so you have the best quality possible. The main framework of your gazebo can be made from a variety of materials such as pressure treated wood, cedar, composite, brick, or iron. The gazebo’s foundation is almost always concrete or lumber. Besides the major materials used to create your structure, you also have multiple options on what the roof of the structure could be. Not only can you choose the aesthetic design of your gazebo but also the materials, which range from elegant lumber to exquisite shingles. Depending on how you plan on utilizing your space, Axicon can offer consultation on the best possible design for your Toronto home. The most common gazebos are usually made from cedar, pressure treated or composite lumber. Whatever your style of the main frame is, you have numerous options for the materials for the roof. The cheapest option for your gazebo roof is a simple fence board style. Although visually minimalistic, this type of roof is unfortunately not fully waterproof. In order to keep the inside area dry, the next option is your best bet. Asphalt shingles, one of the most widely used roofing covers in Toronto, provides overhead protection from the elements. With shingles, you do have an assortment of style and colours to choose from. The most costly option for your roof is cedar shingles, which are a premium product. Axicon will provide you with a consultation on what type of roof design and material is best for your dream gazebo and accurate budget.

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