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By: Ashford Cleaners  09-12-2011


Wedding Gowns

Send us your wedding gowns for meticulous cleaning and preservation using our own preservation and storage boxes, we guarantee your satisfaction, allow 3 weeks from time of arrival till return.

Leather Cleaning

We specialize in all types of leather work. Leather cleaning is an art and takes time and patience. Send us your leather cleaning needs and expect a 2 week turn around.

Invisible Mending

Holes in your fine garments? Your re-weaver are experts in restoring your valuable garments from holes and tears. Send or call for estimates. We must know the fiber construction, weave, and yarn tinsel to provide your a phone quote. Other wise we can provide you a quote upon receipt of your item.

Tailoring and Alterations

Our seamstresses have years of experiences in making and repairing apparel. If you need reconstruction, dye bleed restoration, re weaving, hemming, collar or label referrals, consider us. Consider us in you garment, repair and reconstruction needs.

Drapery Cleaning

We provide takedown and re-hang services. Correct cleansing and handling of draperies is an art. Rug cleaners simply do not get the job done correctly. Our drapery cleaning personnel have been doing for years and know the process. Some drapery conditions require specialized treatment and handling. Upon examination of your draperies we can tell you about any precautions regarding them. Let us handle all of your drapery cleaning needs.

Pillow Cleaning

Feather pillows and feather ticking are still very popular. We clean feather pillows and ticking by cleaning, fluffing, sanitizing, and deodorizing all of the feathers and put them back in a new 8 oz ticking of 5 design and color choices. The old ticking is discarded and replaced with a feather-proof ticking. One of our nicest products. If your are a feather pillow user, try us. We encourage you to do an annual check up of your pillows. It is where you lay your head for a third of your life. You deserve to always have your pillows fresh and clean.

Area Rugs and Carpets

We can clean any rug from 2x2 to 20 X 30. We use the most suitable professional method for the carpet. A variety of methods are used. After cleaning most rugs are wrapped in clear plastic for return to our customer. If you have carpet or rug cleaning needs, call us.

Hat Cleaning

Hats are back. All hats are hand cleaned and blocked. This can be a time consuming process so please allow for up to three weeks for return.

Smoke and Odor Restoration of Garments

Clothing that has been damaged by smoke resulting from a fire can be rejuvenated.  They are cleaned and spotted to restore them to odor free freshness and color. We also use this process to eliminate other odors caused by animals and mildew. 

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