Arthur D. Little: Services Offered

By: Arthur D Little  09-12-2011
Keywords: Business Strategy

At Arthur D. Little, we offer customized Technology & Innovation Management services to help your organization succeed in an increasingly competitive world. The world expects companies to deliver ever more innovative and effective solutions for less.

Many consulting firms offer a single methodology or a set of standard software tools to solve a company’s innovation challenge. At Arthur D. Little, while we have many proven methods and tools, we customize our approach fully to suit the needs of our customers. We know that the way companies innovate in the chemical industry is very different from the way companies innovate in the automotive world. From our experience, the innovation approach is not a single process or method; it is a “holistic process” that needs to be tailored to the company’s strategy and culture.

Arthur D. Little has been at the forefront of technology and innovation management for over 125 years. In addition to advising our clients, we have developed our own technologies and innovations along with our partners in the Altran Group. This provides our customers with unique advantages and opportunities from a leading firm who knows how to build the innovation engine for companies. One of our key strengths is how we bridge the gap between technology and business strategy - maximizing the value creation potential of our client’s business. Below are a few examples of significant innovations where we have been a driving force:

Keywords: Business Strategy