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By: Artezio  09-12-2011

The necessity of the  system integration, characterized by different release dates and technological platforms used, may appear in any company with various business needs.

By integrating different systems into one environment Artezio helps customers:

  • Work within the same corporate information environment;
  • Timely obtain adequate consolidated reports;
  • Minimize the costs related to the software update or usage of different tools;
  • Prevent the system from data redundancy;
  • Save time and effort by replacing the manual data transfer with specific tools.

To meet the above-mentioned goals, we offer a complete cycle of the following services:

  • Audit of the company's infrastructure and  software used;
  • Estimation of project scope and workload;
  • Development of the  information flows charts;
  • Identification of the concepts to integrate a specific solution; selection of appropriate technologies;
  • Case-related testing and customization;
  • Maintenance and support.

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