Storage and Virtualization

By: Argonaut Solutions  09-12-2011

Virtualization provides a layer of abstraction that hides the physical computing resource from an application or end user. It masks complexity and enables much more efficient utilisation of resources. Virtualization extends to servers, storage and desktops. ASG builds virtualization systems based on VMWare, MS Hyper-V and Xenserver solutions. Our platforms focus on technical solutions and are designed to reduce your costs, address energy efficiency and simplify management.

Along with virtualization solutions comes the need for efficient and redundant network storage solutions through the use of storage area networks. As clients acquire increasing sources for data and information from sales, marketing, and other corporate needs, storage is becoming ever more critical. Compliancy regulation and legislation does and will continue to require many companies to reliably maintain their data and make it accessible for years to come.

ASG can help establish and extend storage facilities. We can advise on storage expansion, security, network monitoring and reporting requirements. We offer consultative selection, design, implementation and management of your storage systems, while keeping your business needs in mind.

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Perhaps you’ve been lucky and found a computer company you can trust — but do they suggest ways to improve your business or do they just respond to problems. Perhaps you rely on the goodwill of one of your staff members who looks after the PCs and network “in their spare time”. Are you looking for pro-active professional IT solutions, options and support for your business.


Internet Service

Our high speed internet services provide organizations dedicated access that will keep your entire office connected all day, every day while providing a single point of contact for any inquiries and technical assistance. Technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and even Windows IIS servers are all available along with other standard internet technologies to ensure that the right technology is within reach for any organization.



To provide further options to intra-organization communications, ASG can integrate instant messaging in to existing networks to provide instant communications between users. ASG understands that efficient communications for any organizations can become quite expensive over time using standard communication mediums provided by phone companies.



These are a few examples of the solutions we have provided our clients: Virtualization: Virtualization technology allowed some of our clients the opportunity to save money and resources by consolidating several physical servers in to virtual servers being housed on one server.