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By: Arcstar Energy  09-12-2011
Keywords: Solar Energy

Solar Solutions
ArcStar Builds and Operates Grid-Tie Solar Energy Systems to Serve our Customers

ArcStar designs, builds and operates ultra-reliable Grid Tie systems that are interconnected with the utility grid at the customer site. The most important aspect of these systems is that they work in conjunction with the utility grid, not instead of the grid. The client facility remains connected to commercial utility power at all times, even while the solar equipment is providing local power.

Choosing An Appropriate Commercial Solar Solution

Working closely with our customers, our best in class engineers will analyze prospective facilities and determine their appropriateness for solar energy. These services will include reviewing existing utility power pricing at the facility and other factors that will impact the efficiency of solar energy production. We will review with building owners the structural design of the building, determine average weather conditions, local permitting requirements, and other factors that will impact the long term viability of the installation. Our goal during this phase is to make the right decisions that will increase the long term viability, production and ROI.

Solar Solutions for the Commercial Sector

Our solutions portfolio is designed specifically for the commercial market and consists of two purchasing models:

Key Benefits:

  • Take control of your business' monthly electricity bills
  • Zero up front cost to you
  • Reliable, consistent and easy to deploy

Key Benefits:

  • Significantly lower your business' monthly electricity bills
  • Directly leverage Federal, State and regional utility incentives
  • Reliable, consistent and easy to deploy
  • Support your community and the environment

Keywords: Solar Energy