Albacor Shipping

By: Aquarius Shipping  09-12-2011

Albacor Shipping Inc. specializes in the transport of all kinds of machinery, energy related equipment and industrial installations. We have extensive experience in the difficult process of transporting oversized, overweight or time-sensitive cargo to or from the most difficult places in the world. Our package is completed by offering a full portfolio of necessary services, including, but not limited to: dismantling, loading, export crating, marking, export documentation, letter of credit consulting and negotiation, trans-shipment, intermediate storage, unloading, unpacking or uncrating, erection and turn-key installation as well as insurance coverage and customs clearances.

Services offered

Albacor Shipping Inc. specializes in the handling and logistic of industrial and machinery projects. Be it a complete press line for a new particle board plant, the relocation of an existing plant, or simply a transformer, which needs to be moved, Albacor Shipping Inc. is your solution. We offer complete Door-to-Door packages which can include the packing, loading, transportation by various modes (road, rail, water, air) and by a variety of carriers, unloading, unpacking and erection.

Albacor Shipping Inc. will select the most suitable sub-contractors for specific areas of work and arrange for necessary supervision and control.

In addition, computer tracking, purchase order follow-up, documentation, insurance and supervision complete the package.

Albacor Shipping Inc. offers a complete service of ocean freight transportation.
Full containers, in sizes 20', 40' or 45' lengths, as well as Open Top and Flat Rack equipment is offered. We select the most suitable carrier for you, or, where no direct sailings are available, find possibilities to transship under one Through Bill of Lading. For out-of-gauge cargo, such as overweight of oversize equipment, we will find the most suitable carrier and the most direct route for handling these cargoes with greatest care at competitive prices.

Where quantities of cargo permit, and/or where sailings are needed to ports that are not being called on by the liner carriers, we can arrange for suitable charter tonnage. We have access to the world wide fleet of vessels, with or without gear, with first classifications, within any age limitations, and can thereby have your goods loaded in time at most competitive rates.

Whether large or small, Albacor Shipping Inc. can get your shipment underway. In particular, call us with your airfreight shipments which require the extra attention, such as shipments from one other country to another or shipment involving difficult documentation.

Albacor Shipping Inc. has years of experience in dealing with the railways.
Especially for overdimensional or overweight cargo, which requires special railcars, maybe even special train service, but in any case railway clearance, expert blocking & bracing and constant monitoring during the move.

Call Albacor Shipping Inc. for your truck transportation requirements. We have access to numerous North American Carriers who offer a variety of services, including, but not limited to vans, flat bed trailers, step-decks, double-drops, axle combinations up to 19 axles, dual-lane systems, hydraulic multilane trailers.
While all are excellent carriers, many are good in same areas only and with our know-how we can get the right carrier for the job.

Where required, Albacor Shipping Inc. will charter barges and floating derricks for a wide variety of transportation requirements. These can be hopper barges or deck-barges to facilitate a roll-on / roll-off operation. With the ever increasing size of the equipment to be moved, waterways are often the only way of transport authorities will permit.

Albacor Shipping Inc. is specialized in the shipping of machinery and industrial equipment in the manufacturing and energy sectors.
Understanding our customer's needs for accurate and on-time delivery of their equipment to the destination, despite it's often oversize and overweight character, requires more than the ordinary shipping service. At Albacor Shipping Inc., that is what we know best.

With the help of expert rigging and erection companies, Albacor Shipping Inc. will not only look after the transportation of your equipment, but also set it onto foundations. Our services include complete dismantling and/or turn-key installations.

Tailored to your specific requirements, Albacor Shipping Inc. will arrange the export packing of your machinery or equipment, choosing the most economical and safest methods. Skidding, crating, containerization, shrink-wrapping, and rust-protection are just some of the services available.

In particular in combination with complete projects, Albacor Shipping Inc. offers customs clearance services throughout North America. A very important factor in this regard is prior determination of correct customs classification and verification of documents prior to clearance.

Through our large volume of insurance coverage placed on behalf of our customers, and the relative high degree of extraordinary cargoes, Albacor Shipping Inc. offers extremely competitive insurance rates. This includes All risk Door to Door Transport Insurance, Coverage for War, Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Coverage through to remote locations (i.e. Interior Siberia) and, where required, consequential loss insurance coverage. All our policies are underwritten by major western Insurance companies.

Albacor Shipping Inc. is at their service for any questions our customers may have in respect to transport related matters. Consulting with us in the early stages of planning can often save our customers the frustration when equipment is being built too large, transport budgets are exceeded, or the anticipated schedule did not allow sufficient time for transport.