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By: Apl Borealis  09-12-2011

Does your APL system need a make-over?
Is your code as lean and mean as it could be?

Let APL Borealis' experts examine your system and make key recommendations for superior performance and efficiency. Without making any code changes, our Application Audit report will outline how your APL code could be upgraded and improved, focusing on existing or potential bottlenecks, design issues, and code implementation issues for improved performance and maintainability.

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APL Borealis Inc. - Canada's APL Product & Service Provider - products

APL File Shell Extension: displays component information about your APL share and colossal component files in the Windows Explorer. APL+Win is a continuously developed and supported development environment on the Microsoft Windows or other platforms. File Open Mode Information Enhancement: monadic FSTIE and other file tie functions provide mode information. New []Mom Object System: a container mechanism for object-oriented programming.