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By: Apl Borealis  09-12-2011

Now Available: APL+Win
for Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc. - desktop and server versions; Unix; Linux

APL+Win is a continuously developed and supported development environment on the Microsoft Windows or other platforms.

   Highlights of the current and previous release versions include:

  • Support More Memory for Significantly Larger Workspaces
  • Support Multi-Core Processors with Multi-Threaded Processing
  • []MOM Name Trains
  • support for the Windows Recycle bin added to the )Drop System Command
  • the UNIQUE primitive: returns the unique values in an array
  • implementation of []FX for []MOM object system objects
  • new ")OUTPUT STRICT" state that only produces "IMPLICIT OUTPUT" errors when visible output is generated
  • new Zip class for []wi that will allow zipping and unzipping of files
  • new printer margins for the Session Manager
  • APL File Shell Extension: displays component information about your APL share and colossal component files in the Windows Explorer
  • New []Mom Object System: a container mechanism for object-oriented programming
  • Implicit Output Control Enhancement: use )OUTPUT to control implicit output
  • Exception Handling Enhancement: the :TRY..:CATCHIF control structure
  • File Open Mode Information Enhancement: monadic []FSTIE and other file tie functions provide mode information
  • APL Delay Statement Enhancement: []DL enhanced
  • Initial Support for Unicode Character Data: Unicode now implemented in various ways
  • Session Manager Enhancements: scrolling and logging enhancements
  • Compressed Data Format Support: inflate/deflate data using []DR
  • APL+Grid Enhancements

In case your current version is pre-Version 5.0..

APL+Win Version 5.2 highlights include:

  • Colossal File System - unlimited file sizes; no growing []freplace problem; and other enhancements
  • New Memory Management - uses OS memory as needed instead of all at once
  • Session Improvements - colour, font and preferences enhancements, mouse wheel
  • Object Enhancements - Label, Windows Registry, Edit, Combo
  • APL+Draw - new graphics library tools
  • Runtime enhancements - []copy; save a faulty workspace for later analysis

Other APL2000 Products - available from APL Borealis

  • APL+Unix and APL+Linux: APL for Unix/Linux; "mainframe power at a fraction of the cost"
  • APL+LinkPro 5: connects APL+Win and data stored in non-APL databases; using ODBC

    Also available:

  • APL+Win upgrades
  • APL+Link Pro upgrades
  • APL+Win SPREAD: spreadsheet capability for APL without using VBXs or DLLs
  • APL+Win QPLOT: general purpose X-Y plotting program for displaying and analyzing data

Call us for a quote for full development systems, or exclusive-personal-use, or partial-system-licence systems.

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APL Borealis Inc. - Canada's APL Product & Service Provider - services

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