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By: Antenna Software  09-12-2011

Whether you’re deploying mobile apps or websites to feature phones, smartphones or tablets, AMP Studio lets you address all devices from a single code base, for either apps or web, that can generate into any combination of native apps or device-optimized mobile websites. AMP Studio runs as an Eclipse plug-in and offers developers best-of-breed development environments for mobile apps or mobile web.

AMP App Studio

AMP App Studio performs all the heavy-lifting for developers looking to build truly native apps for smartphones and tablets. From built-in security handling and store-and-forward messaging optimization to internationalization and rapid user interface design, AMP Studio offers a flexible yet intuitive development environment to help build native apps quickly and effectively.

AMP Studio cuts application development time by more than half and reduces the ongoing cost of application maintenance by generating native apps from a single code base. You can build cutting-edge and stunning apps across multiple device types by leveraging unique native device features and UI controls. AMP Studio also delivers an integrated test environment and seamless packaging and deployment of apps to app stores.

AMP Web Studio

AMP Web Studio lets mobile web developers design and build a single website that is automatically optimized for all browsers across more than 8,500 unique devices. In addition, the mobile website adjusts to more than 850 unique attributes per device detected by the AMP Web Server, including screen size, resolution, hardware configuration and even browser defects such as CSS rendering issues. This self-tuning capability is especially important even for newer smartphones, such as Android, because of the browser variations from one device manufacturer to another.

Using AMP Web Studio, you can be assured of a mobile website that is functional and compelling on any device. Web pages are authored in a device and technology independent language similar to XHTML - called XDIME (XML Device Independent Markup Extensions). XDIME is based on the W3C DIAL standard and developed in conjunction with industry standards initiatives, such as the W3C Device Independence Working Group and W3C Mobile Web Initiative.

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