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By: Ancient Art  09-12-2011
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The Yin and Yang system denies that the world is static and absolute. Time and space are not independent, they are mutually complementary. We cannot speak of anything objectively without making reference to its relationship with the other. This idea is the central secret teaching of the Yin-Yang relationship within any system.

The collection is a constant play between old and new and East and West. The colour red is used by the Chinese for celebrations and to denote happiness, good luck and wealth. We have selected our own shade of red that reinterprets and modernizes a traditional colour. The use of shapes, specifically circles, reference continuity, timelessness, time and space, and returns to the concept of Yin and Yang.

Philatelic items may have some of the same aesthetics, history, and value of art. These characteristics may justify their being brought out of storage to be viewed and displayed. As such, the use of the correct materials is absolutely necessary. We use archival grade polyethylene terephthalate to preserve the value of the collection.

We use the highest quality, solid wood frames with deep red acid-free mattes to create a monotone look that does not distract from the colourful stamps. A double matte, cut to the exact shape of the stamps reinforces this mantra. Antiglare plexiglass that is UV-coated ensures a clear view that focuses attention on the art itself.

This limited edition series is numbered from 1 to 2008.

The ink box is a decorative piece constructed from solid wood to complement the frame. It has similiar reds and incorporates gold etchings of a logo on the top as well as a number on the bottom. It is a custom-made housing for our book: a photographic journal called the "Archives".

As part of the limited edition series, each box is numbered from 1 to 2008 to match the frame.

The book is a documented historic tale of how this project came to be; who was involved; the art behind it, and the process itself. It encapsulates the twelve year collection and explains its significance through to today. The artwork is an individually numbered, unique, complete, and consistent set of visual images.

We have 2008 authentic signature pieces by Ancient Art

Keywords: Ancient Art