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All information will be kept confidential to Analyzer Software and used only to contact you with information pertaining to this request. You will not be sent any advertising nor will your information be sold or given to any outside party.

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Web Publishing FAQs 1. What happens for example if I sign up for a maximum of 49 teams per month and I go over?

The software will inform you that you have exceeded your maximum limit. You will then have the option to reduce the number of teams published, or come back to the website and upgrade your package. We would encourage you to sign up for the number of teams you have now and upgrade your package as needed. You can also downgrade your package if necessary.

2. Will my service be discontinued if I go over my maximum and do not upgrade my package?

We will not disrupt your service until all avenues to contact yourself and adjust your account are made.

3. What is the login data used for?

The login data is used for you to log into this web site in order to modify your profile, check account billings and obtain informative data about your service.

It is also used as a login from our League Analyzer software in order to publish your data.

4. When is my credit card billed?

Your credit card is charged now for your Registration Keys. Your first month of Web Publishing is


Your credit card will be billed each successive month on the same day as today.

5. What happens if I am not happy with this service?

You can cancel your service at anytime through our online account management screens. Once your credit card is charged for a month there is no refund of that monthly amount.

Keywords: League Analyzer, web publishing,

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