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By: Amanda Yuill  09-12-2011

Amanda Yuill » Meet Jesus

God Made the World

God made the world and us to share his love with people.  It was a perfect world and people lived in paradise with him.

Sin Came into the World

The first two people in the world, Adam and Eve, did something God told them not to do.  Sin and sickness came into the world because of it.  God didn’t want sin and sickness and evil to last forever in paradise, so Adam and Eve had to leave paradise.  They were separated from God.

God’s rescue plan, Jesus

People could no longer live with him in paradise because we were attached to our sin, which lead to sickness and death.  God didn’t want to be separated from people, so he made a rescue plan.  God sent his son, Jesus, to live with us on earth.  He lived a perfect life with no sin, so he could live in paradise with God.  Because Jesus had no sin, he was able to chose to pay the price for our sin and take the death it led to.  He died on a Roman cross and three days later, God raised him from the dead!  Now he lives in heaven with God.

How to get rid of Sin

When Jesus paid the price for our sin, it meant we could again live with God in paradise forever.  However, God won’t force people.  It’s our choice.  We can choose to accept Jesus’ gift or we can pay for our own sin.  If we choose to pay for our own sin, we stay attached to our sin and are separated from God forever in Hell.  If we choose to accept Jesus’ gift, all we have to do is ask him to forgive us for our sin.  We choose to believe he died and rose from the dead.  We choose dedicate our lives to him.  He then applies his gift to us and takes our sin away.  You can read about this in the Bible in John 3:16.

How to be a Christian

Once you pray this prayer, you are a Christian.  It is important to grow as a Christian.

1. First, find a good church you can go to.  You can tell a Christian friend that you became a Christian and go with them.

2. Read your Bible and pray every day.  This is how you get to know Jesus and God better.

If you prayed that prayer today for the first time, please let me know by commenting on this post.  I would love to talk with you and pray for you.


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