OpenGL 1.x and OpenGL ES 1.1 embedded graphics drivers

By: Alt Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Graphics, System Integration, Operating Systems

OpenGL 1.x / OpenGL ES 1.1

Embedded OpenGL 1.x / OpenGL ES 1.1 Libraries and Drivers

ALT Software provides high performance embedded OpenGL drivers for embedded computing platforms that employ hardware accelerated graphics. Tuned to our customers’ specific hardware and software configurations, our drivers surpass Windows desktop commercial OpenGL driver benchmarks by up to 50%. These OpenGL drivers are currently used to drive 3D graphics and to enhance the quality of 2D graphics output in commercial and military aircraft, automotive navigation and infotainment systems, in-car instrument clusters, industrial controls, and medical devices. Our OpenGL 1.x and OpenGL ES 1.1 drivers support a variety of system configurations. ALT Software also offers system integration services, comprehensive technical support, and custom configuration support to assist clients with integrating the driver and adding custom functionality when required.


  • Operating systems supported: Wind River VxWorks & Linux, Green Hills INTEGRITY, DDCI Deos, Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Windows (Desktop, Embedded Compact, CE), LynuxWorks LynxOS, QNX Neutrino, eCOS, as well as several embedded Linux kernels.
  • Processors and System-on-Chip (SoC) supported: Freescale PowerPC & i.MX, Renesas SH4, SH7xxx, Intel x86, IBM PowerPC, ARM, TI OMAP
  • Graphics controllers supported: Radeon e4690 (M96), Radeon x1400 (M54), ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 (M9); Fujitsu Coral P, Coral PA, Carmine, Ruby; Imagination Technologies Power VR (MBX & SGX); Intel 9xx; Intel SGX
  • Hardware accelerated support for OpenGL ES 1.x and OpenGL 1.x, GLUT, GLU, GLX + proprietary custom extensions
  • Backwards compatibility support for new generation programmable graphics processors; i.e. OpenGL 1.x & OpenGL ES 1.1 mapped to programmable hardware shaders
  • Khronos EGL or ALT’s "Mini-X" customized subset of X Windows, enables a user to run an application in multiple windows or to run a single window in full-screen mode
  • Integrated embedded X11 libraries for real-time operating systems
  • DMA and Programmed I/O (PIO) support
  • Variable sync modes and custom resolutions
  • Multiple GPU support on single target systems
  • RGB Analog, DVI, LVDS, HDMI, Display Port and TV-Out support
  • Full Video support including adjustable gamma, scaling, overlays and de-interlacing
  • Hardware accelerated BitBlt, 2D and 3D operations for superior performance

Products and Services: An Integrated Approach

ALT's Professional Services group complements and supports our Embedded Graphics Products group. Our custom work for diverse clients with various technological challenges has enabled us to create flexible COTS products and to provide custom embedded hardware and software solutions that overcome some of the most daunting system integration challenges in graphics, video, audio, and networking. We achieve this by drawing upon a large team of in-house professionals with highly specific expertise in diverse areas, and through our industry alliances with leading hardware and software vendors. This powerful combination of in-house expertise and external partnerships enables ALT Software to provide superior quality products and services.

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Other products and services from Alt Software


Hybrid Media Library | ALT Software Inc

Hybrid ML is a software library and device driver architecture that addresses key industry challenges by bridging gaps between media API and graphics hardware on all classes of embedded devices, ranging from software-only and FPGA implementations to low-power programmable GPU and high-performance SoC processors with graphics cores. Embedded OpenGL and Programmable Media Device Support.


OpenGL ES / OpenGL SC Software Renderer

The OpenGL ES / SC Software Renderer acts as a software GPU with unique features such as optimized software rendering algorithms and advanced technology that supports high fidelity real-time graphics applications on embedded computing platforms.


OpenGL ES 2.0 drivers | ALT Software Inc

ALT Software’s OpenGL ES 2.0 drivers for supported graphics processors and system-on-chip processors are specifically designed for embedded platforms and support a programmable graphics pipeline. Khronos EGL or ALT’s "Mini-X" customized subset of X Windows that enables a user to run an application in multiple windows or to run a single window in full-screen mode.


DO-178B Graphics Driver Certification Suite

It includes the certification evidence, test cases, test harness and documentation required to support product certification up to RTCA DO-178B Design Assurance Level A. Support services for each Stage-of-Involvement and other certification audits are also included. ALT Software’s GCK-178 consists of a complete set of certification evidence and support services to complement our DO-178B certifiable OpenGL SC embedded graphics display drivers.


OpenGL SC DO-178B certifiable embedded graphics display drivers for 2D/3D graphics and video

ALT Software's DO-178B Level A graphics display drivers enable avionics developers to create content-rich graphics applications and user interfaces for mission and safety-critical systems deployed in aerospace and defense environments. ALT’s modular driver architecture allows us to customize the driver as required and generate additional certification artifacts as needed on a component-by-component basis.