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By: Allen Fraser  09-12-2011
Keywords: Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is sometimes known as the ‘talking cure’. Through talking and focused listening, you are helped to understand your feelings and how you think about yourself, others and your life. It is a process that has, at its very core, the power of personal transformation through wisdom and healthy love. The goal is to learn to live alongside one’s old wounds – to befriend, even embrace, what is frightening and terrible inside.

A therapy session is not an everyday conversation. It is a private space where you can talk openly about yourself. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process. The most important element in therapy is not necessarily the specific type of therapy, but rather your relationship with the therapist.

All of us know that unresolved emotional issues can stifle creativity, confidence, ambition, and our ability for good relationships. Trauma and loss can cause sadness, depression and pain that inhibit and block.

“When we consign personal demons to the unconscious, they do not go away. They simply become more powerful.” Profound change and personal growth is distinctly possible through understanding and healing of our deeper underlying issues.

Keywords: Psychotherapy