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By: Allan Bramson  09-12-2011

Allan’s unique services are customized to help you and your family achieve your financial objectives though a specialized and highly personalized process. Whether you require our complete suite of services or just need some of our offerings, you can be assured of receiving our best-in class knowledge, expertise, consistency, follow-through and client service.

Family wealth management expertise

Today, many of us take on the responsibility of elder care as we are providing for our children and grandchildren. My team and I are able to provide you with the advice and services you need to ensure that all aspects of your family’s financial well-being are addressed and managed effectively. We can help you make the most of RESP grants to help in funding education; can help you properly insure yourself and your family from loss of income caused by disability, illness or death; and can help minimize debts and taxes while maximizing investment returns. We can help you plan for an enjoyable retirement and a meaningful legacy.

Assembling your own team of experts

Creating and co-ordinating your team of professionals is an important component of my services. I liaise with your accounts and lawyers, or can refer you to capable professionals. Working in concert with your trusted advisors enables us to maintain and investment strategy that is best for you overall situation. 

Our offering

Fee structure

We offer all the benefits and features of traditional investment dealer brokerage accounts for a single, competitive fee based on the asset balance in your portfolio. Fee-based investing allows you to focus solely on what is right for you and your portfolio rather than the costs of individual transactions.

Retirement planning

To achieve your retirement goals, you need to have a plan. We know simple effective methods to reduce and defer tax on investments, split income, enhance after-tax growth of wealth, and preserve accumulated capital. We’ll look at your current situation and outline the options available for realizing your retirement goals.

Insurance products and services are offered by life insurance licensed Advisors through Macquarie Insurance Services Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Macquarie Private Wealth Inc.