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By: Algorithmics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Risk Management, financial institutions, Research and Development

Knowing your risk is a competitive advantage that companies can use to support informed decision making and business growth. Since 1989, Algorithmics' services team has helped more than 300 of the world's leading financial institutions realize their goals with a broad range of risk management services, backed by one of the largest research and development teams in the industry.

Measure earning sensitivity and future market valuation to support day-to-day management and gain a clear picture for long-term planning.

A cost-effective and comprehensive workflow, governance and Standard Formula reporting tool forming part of a complete, end-to-end Solvency II solution

Algo Collateral Operations offers a comprehensive, installed software solution to identify and manage the risks associated with collateral management.

Define and manage all stages of the credit granting and monitoring process, from credit approvals and renewals to compliance, collateral, and documentation management.

The Algo Credit Advisory team offers customized credit risk solutions that extend Default Credit Modeling across the design, benchmarking and implementation of credit risk management programs and functions

Algo Credit Data Services provides data management and technology solutions that enable financial institutions to develop consortia for pooling and managing empirical credit data.

Algo Credit Economic Capital incorporates all credit exposures across the enterprise, including banking book and trading book activities, complex financial products, credit risk mitigation and hedging.

Calculate and aggregate simulation-based exposures including multi-step Monte Carlo simulation, advanced scenario generation and flexible risk modeling.

Provides comprehensive credit risk aggregation and limits management across multiple business lines and products for both the trading and banking books.

Algo Credit Regulatory Capital allows users to generate robust and consistent Basel ll credit regulatory capital calculations across the enterprise through an installed software solution.

Algo Financial Modeler is a proven actuarial modeling system used by a global client base to deliver essential risk and value information to support reliable and efficient decision making, while satisfying the latest regulatory requirements.

Gain access to the industry's deepest set of operational risk loss events, including detailed accounts of control breakdowns, event triggers and 'lessons learned'.

Through its innovative Algo Lab services, Algorithmics offers technical consulting to clients seeking specialized project and technical assistance related to implementation, performance testing and upgrades.

Measure and manage liquidity risk with a flexible, scenario-based framework, and integrated support for a wide range of liquidity risk issues.

Enables risk managers to measure, control and manage market risk across multiple asset classes and risk factors.

Supplement internal loss data with the industry's most complete quantitative loss database, containing nearly 12,000 publicly-reported operational risk losses.

Algorithmics' Advisory teams offer tailored consulting solutions and industry best practices to develop sound frameworks and solutions for credit and capital management as well as operational risk.

Algo OpVar utilizes a user-friendly interface and a scalable, workflow-driven process to identify, manage, measure and mitigate operational risk across the enterprise.

Algo OpVar Service is a state-of-the-art, fully integrated ASP solution for the identification, collection, management, and measurement of operational risk.

Collateral Reconciliation is a high-speed, modular reconciliation tool that enables banks, hedge funds, insurance providers, asset managers and pension funds to reduce credit losses.

Algo Risk supports the pursuit of informed investment decisions with real time access to market and risk information.

Algo Risk Reports meets the increasing need of hedge funds for a cost-effective risk reporting solution, incorporating advanced risk analytics, to achieve regulatory compliance, support better investment decisions, and enhance investor confidence.

Algo Risk Service provides on-demand access to state-of-the-art, hosted risk management support tools, without the cost of a complex infrastructure.

Algo Strategic Business Planning offers senior bank executives an at-a-glance understanding of the risk profile of the organization as a whole, including the sensitivities to key risks and the factors impacting their institution’s stability, profitability and growth.

Keywords: data management, financial institutions, Market Valuation, Research and Development, Risk Management,

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