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By: Akn  09-12-2011

No two companies are alike. So there is no “one size fits all” solution to meet everyone’s needs.

At AKN, we recognize and respect our clients' uniqueness. As such, we work with every client to understand precisely how they are different. We engage a structured methodology to understand their specific business and technology needs. Then we design a custom tailored solution that addresses those needs. Through an iterative process, we work with clients to ensure the design is a perfect fit in order to resolve their specific IT problem, be it data centre, network or the user desktop.

For the data centre, we analyze the "current state", design a comprehensive solution, develop a migration plan and move the data center to our V-Infrastructure solution.  For desktops, we create a Proof-of-Concept implementation to verify the design, performance and suitability of the solution to the defined needs. When the Proof-of-Concept is successful, we create a deployment plan and then migrate users to our state-of-the-art V-Office solution. Our V-Office platform combines virtual PCs, VoIP phones and IP PBX with critical private network services that tie the entire solution together and ensure a user experience that is second to none.

Our network experts analyze the full spectrum of IT requirements and design a high performance, robust and cost effective network to meet your needs.   They understand the complexities involved when PCs, printers, voice, video, Internet, and core applications all share a single network.  Bottom line, if the network isn't right, nothing else is right.

Throughout all of our deployments, we constantly measure and monitor the environment to identify any potential issues before they arise. As the rollout proceeds, we are in constant contact with clients to make any necessary tuning adjustments to create a fully satisfactory client experience.

AKN recognizes that you're special and that no two companies are alike. We respect your uniqueness and create a comprehensive data centre, network and desktop solution that suits your specific needs.  We make running your IT infrastructure as simple as turning on the lights.