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Keywords: Marketing, Milk Production

Agro Exports Products & Services


a. Agro Export Services

    Dairy Genetics & Production Technologie > Milk Production & Balanced Longevity
    Canadian Milk Production Systems are based upon quality Genetics and high level of sophisticated farm Production management.   We will assist you in assessing your present Production program and assess your needs with a Solution for immediate improvement and we will ensure a long term working relationship with your operation. 

    Beef Genetics & Production Technologie > Profitable Meat Production & World Class Hybrid Crossbreeding Systems
    The Agro Ex "Maternal Beef Genetics Crossbreeding System" offers our producers different  "Maternal Genetic Production" options;  1. Elite Fleckvieh - Polled,  2. Elite Red Angus, 3. Elite Angus, and 4. Crossbred  --  a sophisticated crossbreeding Program of Hybrids - two breed cross bulls from these breeds of half to 7/8 percentages and Stabilizer Bulls -- three breed or more crosses of these breeds to Maximize Hybrid Vigour !!!

      Industry Analysis - Market Research; understand your Industry opportunities, weaknesses and threats.   for info on the Canadian Dairy Industry.
      Production Plans - .  
      Business Plans - start ups, or expansion Plans.
      Sale Plans  - End delivery of the Products from the Business Plan.       
      Marketing Plans - Products, Pricing, Places, People & Production make up the Plan.
      Promotional Plans 
      Website Consulting Services
      Promotional & Advertising Programs
      Sale Catalogue Planning from Sales/Marketing Plans
      Embryo Catalogue Planning from Sales/Marketing Plans
      Semen Catalogue Planning from Sales/Marketing Plans
      We can research, assess, and prepare Professional Sales, Marketing & Sales Plans for your operation based upon solid market research and a predetermined End Goal Analysis.
      End Goals > We initially spend time to assist you in understanding your viable End Goals.
      We offer you Industry Analysis, Business Plans, Production Plans, and Sales & Marketing Plan options, based upon your current Genetic & Production Technologies, that will satisfy your pre determined End Goals.

        Agro Exports - Your Export/Import Partner
        Agro Exports in as an Exporter from Canada who will provide relationships for it’s clients not only internally within Canada for technological advancements, and genetic excellence using our world leading Genetic expertise for selection; Agro Exports will also provide relationship opportunities for International clients for connections Globally to satisfy International Livestock Industry Connectivity for end goal accomplishments.

        In the Export business, Agro Exports is bringing to the table the World Leading expertise of Greg Nolan & his Production technologies to the Industry.

        Export Partners  > Agro Exports has alliances with the leading Exporters in North America that can assure delivery and Performance of Export Contracts.

        Specializing in Agro Production Technologies, Business Solutions,
        & Export Delivery for Production End Goals & Quality Assurances.

        b. Agro Export Products

        Dairy Products

          1. Holstein
          2. Jersey
          3. Ayshire
          4. Red Holstein

        Beef Genetics  

        1. Angus
        2. Red Angus
        3. Fleckvieh
        4. Simmental - Red & Black
        5. Hereford
        6. Charolais
        7. Limousine
        8. Shorthorn
        9. Blonde D'Aquintaine
        10. Gelbvieh
        11. Waygu

Keywords: Marketing, Milk Production

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