Agnew Peckham

By: Agnew Peckham  09-12-2011

Agnew Peckham provides strategic, operational and facility programming and planning services for health care providers. We are committed to assisting health care and community care clients, including a wide variety of organizations - large and small, rural and urban, community and teaching hospitals, long term care facilities, medical research institutes and community care organizations. Within each of our services, we develop specific processes and products that can stand on their own or can be combined and adapted to provide the most appropriate service for you. Our services include:

  • First, that one of the few constant features of health care is, paradoxically, change. Plans, whether long-range or for specific programs and facilities, must be formulated to provide a measure of adaptability to changing circumstances.

  • Second, that the movement away from institutional care, to community and outpatient care, and the reduction in resources available to institutions will continue to affect the health care system significantly. We support the shift to community based services and work with providers to develop detailed implementation plans.

  • Third, that there is a need for increased collaboration between community and institutional providers. We influence and facilitate this by insisting that all strategic planning and clinical program planning studies involve representation from a wide range of providers and consider opportunities to improve health services through integrated delivery systems.

  • Fourth, that the development of successful plans demands close, and continuous involvement of the client. The consultant brings experience from other projects and offers fresh insights. But durable solutions emerge only from positive dialogue between consultants and users. Our approach is always participatory and designed to provide leadership when appropriate.

  • Fifth, that programming, planning and physical design for health care must be approached with the interests of the consumer, the provider and the wider community (as the provider of resources) clearly in mind. To this end we devise proposals which best serve the interests of users, but which are achievable with finite resources of skilled manpower, money and space.