What is the difference between SEO and PPC advertising

By: Advertwise  09-12-2011
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What is the difference between SEO and PPC advertising?

SEO are the natural listings on a search engine, while PPC are the sponsored lisitngs on a search engine. To clarify this, I will give an example. The following is a google results page:PPC Results = Dark Orange
Natural SEO Results= BlueAs you can see above there is a color coding for the different type of results. PPC reults are in the dark oranges boxes and SEO results are in the blue box.Both PPC and SEO have incredible positive producing results. Yet both have their own pros and cons. PPC is great if you have the time and know how to manage it properly. If not, outsourcing your PPC campaign is recommended. Since you are paying per click, you want to make sure you're not wasting time or money. The results you get from a semi-properly managed PPC campaign doesn't compare to one that is properly managed.The time it takes to have your ad on a search engine with PPC can take minutes up to 24 hours. With SEO, it takes months or even sometimes years. You can choose any keywords you like and have your ad show up on the first page for a small cost. With SEO, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars until your ad comes up on the first page when that keyword is searched.PPC advertising can be very good for testing many keywords. This will allow you to see which keywords produce the best results and use that information for SEO.These are just some of the amazing things about PPC advertising.
Some SEOProsBy naturally being on the first page of search engines, you receive free traffic. That doesn't mean it won't cost you to get on the first page naturally. It means that you don't have to pay per click. If the keyword is a highly searched keyword, you will get lots of good free traffic. You will need a good SEO expert to help you get earlier in the natural listings. This takes time and can cost a lot of money, but it pays off in the long run. After you are optimized properly and are on the first page naturally, your site has to be properly maintained for optimization. Maintaining it, will help your site stay listed on the first page. Once you are at this point, it is a lot easier and cheaper. Lots of good quality traffic comes from being on the first page of the big search engines, whether it's from natural or sponsored listings. When in comes to the amount of traffic for a specific keyword, natural listings receive more than sponsored listings. Both SEO and PPC Advertising are crucial to your business and will help bring a lot more qualified leads at a very low cost per lead.

Keywords: search engine, Seo

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