Artist Portfolios - Jenny B. Good

By: Adrenaline Tattoos Nj  09-12-2011

Name: Jenny B. Good

Age: 26

Years Tattooing:


Greatest Influce:

Kevin LeBlanc, Gene Menges, Chriss Conn Askew, Gunnar.

What style tattooing do you enjoy the most:


What was the first tattoo you ever did and who was it on?

Bio-Mech piece on my brother in law, in his kitchen! First REAL tattoo was a dagger with skull on a friend.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

People like my art enough to take it to the grave with them. I love my job.

What do you hate most about your job?

Asshole customers with bad ideas.

Hobbies outside work:

Bowling, friends, karaoke!


My sister Lisa - the strongest woman I know.

Last Statement:


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Artist Portfolios - Jason McGrady

Name: Jason McGradyNickname: GravyWhat year did you start tattooing:2004Biggest Influence Tattooer/Artist: Nick Baxter, Sean Zee, Eric Merrill, Gene MengesHow did you get into tattooing. I used to be the head piercer and just got interested in something different, happens often in this industryWhat style do you enjoy tattooing the most.


Artist Portfolios - Bryan Peraino

Squirmers, cry babies, tattoo artists who can't draw. First tattoo was a flaming skull on a buddy of mine. Kevin LeBlanc, Nick Baxter, Mitch Green Gene Mengis. What style tattooing do you enjoy the most. Portraits Pet Portraits, Wildlife, Realism.


Artist Portfolios - Jeff Gibbs

Poker, pool, drawing, complaining, video games, and sports. Hopefully rich somewhere on a boat. Bucs, Cavaliers, and local teams. Years here, 19 years tattooing.



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