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By: Addictivemobility  09-12-2011

Warner Bros. is running a mobile and social ad campaign that drives awareness for its new film “Final Destination 5″ among movie fans that frequent social networking sites.

The campaign includes rich media banner ads appearing on Addictive Mobility’s advertising network that targets users based on their social activity instead of demographics or other targeting criteria. The campaign launched on Aug. 11 and is running for two weeks to support the release of the film, which opens on Aug. 12.

“People who go to see movies are very social in nature,” said Nussar Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility, Toronto, Canada. “They like to discuss the movie and let their friends know what the movie is like, and they typically turn to social networking sites like Twitter to convey the message.

“Movie studios can use our mobile social ad network to reach a specific audience and contextually target a conversation as it happens in real time,” he said.

Addictive Mobility’s mobile social advertising network reaches more than one-third of mobile Twitter traffic. The company has an office in Los Angeles.

The campaign for Final Destination 5 uses Addictive Mobility’s AMO Social adNetwork technology that tracks conversations on social media outlets via partners such as UberMedia and Handmark.

The rich media ad for the film is being placed in Twitter conversations that might include comments such as “What’s a good movie to go to tonight?” or “I heard FD5 is really good. Has anyone seen the trailer?”

The ads are targeted to reach American iPhone users.

Once on the page, they can watch the trailer and find a theater.

Warner Bros. hopes to engage with a high value, tech savvy audience via the ads and drive traffic to the landing page.

“The goal is to get a higher CTR, and prove that social users of mobile apps are more engaging in general – they watch the trailer, they interact with the ad more, thus they are the ideal for advertisers,” Mr. Ahmad said.

Addictive Mobility can also track statistics for mobile social users such as the carrier and phone they are using, where they are and information about whether or not they watched entire movie trailers.

“Addictive uses a proprietary algorithm that is able to make millions of decisions within milliseconds, which allows us to directly target and find new customers for the brand, serve impressions to influencers, build a rank score, index users, set parameters of targeting to allow wide base of scalability, and provides the opportunity to scale up a campaign,” Mr. Ahmad said.