ACD/ :: Analytical Content DBs

By: Acd/labs  09-12-2011

Through our own experts' curation of data and from collaborations with third-parties ACD/Labs provides numerous analytical data libraries for NMR, MS, Chromatography, and optical spectroscopy. Browse and search these databases in support of your R&D efforts.

offer access to highly-curated NMR data for 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F, and 31P nuclei, along with third-party spectral NMR databases for identification of impurities and unknowns.

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ACD/ :: Analytical Data Interpretation

ACD/Labs offers software to facilitate these activities, including optimization and method development tools for chromatographic separations, tools for deconvolution and resolving mixtures, spectral matching, and interpretation software for computer-assisted structure elucidation.


ACD/ :: Automation

Macro-commands are available in processing applications of our analytical software and are dedicated to grouping sequential sets of processing commands. By engaging our professional services team, you can automate processes to standardize procedures, provide consistency, and minimize human intervention. Scripting is a true programming language offering real conditional, tree options, and object manipulation and access/action to the database.


ACD/ :: Enterprise Components & Products

ACD/Labs has a number of enterprise components and products that can be implemented to provide the best solution for your IT and organizational needs.


ACD/ :: Integration

In order for you to be able to maximize your ROI (return on investment) from our software and for the ACD/Labs environment to truly become part of your informatics landscape, it must integrate with systems already in place within your organization. ACD/Labs offers flexible options to achieve the best integration solution for your needs.


ACD/ :: Knowledge Management

Our software for chemical and analytical knowledge management provides a single unified interface for viewing data for various analytical techniques; and a unified storage facility, searchable by structure and spectral data. ACD/Labs offers desktop and enterprise solutions to help manage the vast quantities of knowledge produced in R&D. We also offer integration into existing knowledge management systems.


ACD/ :: Office Info

SNBCHEMTECH15A Malherbe Street, Capital ParkPretoria 0084, Pretoria, South Africa. Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, and PortugalEuropean Head Office.


ACD/ :: Products

Our expertise lies in vendor-neutral spectroscopic and chromatographic data processing and prediction, physicochemical and ADMET property prediction, analytical knowledge management, interactive reporting, and integrating analytical data with chemical structures to help protect and leverage valuable research knowledge. ACD/Labs develops desktop and enterprise software solutions for chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical R&D.


ACD/ :: Professional Services

ACD/Labs' Professional Services team comprises experts across a broad range of scientific disciplines, experienced informatics professionals, and dedicated project managers. We welcome your opinions and are happy to discuss issues such as license control, software deployment, cloud computing, and software as a service.


ACD/ :: Support Matrix

Processor requirements will vary by application and use; disk space requirements for user data files will vary by application and use. Recommended requirements of the operating system used (please refer to the manufacturer for these specifications) plus. Recommended requirements of the operating system used plus. Client-side requirements for ACD/SpecManager Enterprise. PostgreSQL 8.1 (ACD/ChemFolder Enterprise Only.


Enterprise Solutions and Informatics Services

Our highly-skilled personnel solve business problems by working within your existing IT infrastructure to implement our products and solutions for good adoption by end users, and maximum benefit to your organization. We offer products and services in an enterprise environment to help you automate and streamline laboratory workflows, manage data, and effectively share knowledge to help accelerate decision-making.