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By: Aberfoyle Consulting  09-12-2011

Aberfoyle Consulting is well equipped to customize print, PowerPoint, and web-based instructional resources, and to develop and facilitate training workshops for all employee groups.

Communicating complex information to specific audiences resonates more powerfully with the use of Instructional Intelligence, our approach to facilitation. Underscored with rich and visually impactful graphics and organizational constructs, Aberfoyle Consulting provides teams and organizations with the best resources and facilitation with which to teach your employees.

Instructional Intelligence

The Facilitation Team at Aberfoyle Consulting utilizes instructional methods that take into consideration all learning styles.

The use of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning experiences provided through a combination of direct instruction, large and small group, paired and individualized activities promotes high levels of participation and subsequent application. Moreover, the use of case studies and opportunities for reflection serve to make learning a social exercise with practical relevance.

Our Facilitation and Design Teams would be pleased to meet with you to discuss the development of training resources and/or the facilitation of professional and technical training for your organization.

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Aberfoyle Consulting services for sustainable organizational growth

Aberfoyle Consulting specializes in identifying gaps that inhibit team and organizational growth, leading to the development and delivery of customized services that provide clients with measurable and sustainable results. Although each client’s needs are unique in nature, Aberfoyle Consulting adheres to a process-driven approach during the initiation of consulting services.


Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQi

Emotional intelligence can be strengthened, thereby enhancing an individual’s ability to achieve greater career satisfaction and success in life. You will achieve greater insight as you develop workshop-specific skills along with gaining strategies to strengthen emotional intelligence. Assessing and understanding emotional intelligence forms the basis of every workshop for which you register.