Aberfoyle Consulting services for sustainable organizational growth

By: Aberfoyle Consulting  09-12-2011

Aberfoyle Consulting specializes in identifying gaps that inhibit team and organizational growth, leading to the development and delivery of customized services that provide clients with measurable and sustainable results.

We take pride in offering your organization a competitive edge and a strong return on your investment.

Enhance Your Organization’s Intelligence

Expect a strong return on your investment, including:

  • enhanced individual, team, and organizational performance;
  • an embedded learning culture;
  • higher profit margins and lower training and administrative costs;
  • strengthened communication practices;
  • increased customer satisfaction;
  • greater employee retention.

Consulting Services

Although each client’s needs are unique in nature, Aberfoyle Consulting adheres to a process-driven approach during the initiation of consulting services. Doing so ensures clarity between clients and our Core Consulting Team, and provides direction in a timely manner.

The Initial Meeting

Relationship building is fundamental to all of Aberfoyle Consulting’s services. During the introductory meeting, the Core Consulting Team will collect background information about your organization and its operating environment. This will help us establish a firm foundation from which to contextualize your specific needs. Information gathered during the initial meetings is then documented in a DIP Report. This digest

The DIP Report is then delivered for sign off, ensuring that Aberfoyle Consulting has accurately identified your broad and specific outcomes.

The Project Leader

With the completion of the DIP Report, a Project Leader is assigned to direct consulting services for your organization. The Project Leader is a member of our Core Consulting Team.

The Project Leader and their staff work within The Organizational Crucible to

  • liaise with clients,
  • conduct diagnostic work as per the DIP Report,
  • conference with the Core Consulting Team,
  • complete and deliver the Resourcing Plan,
  • work with the client’s staff to implement recommendations found in the Resourcing Plan,
  • ensure alignment of the Resourcing Plan implementation with the organization’s core purpose and vision,
  • complete short and long-term follow-up to ensure sustainable growth has been achieved, and

Other products and services from Aberfoyle Consulting


Aberfoyle Consulting Training and Development

The use of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning experiences provided through a combination of direct instruction, large and small group, paired and individualized activities promotes high levels of participation and subsequent application.


Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQi

Emotional intelligence can be strengthened, thereby enhancing an individual’s ability to achieve greater career satisfaction and success in life. You will achieve greater insight as you develop workshop-specific skills along with gaining strategies to strengthen emotional intelligence. Assessing and understanding emotional intelligence forms the basis of every workshop for which you register.