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By: Aarabi Mobile Veterinary Service Dr  09-12-2011
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Consultation :   We recommend consultation as the first step in our business,it help you to get new idea about veterinary medicine.When people have not any idea and need help,a professional person can help.

Physical examination :  Physical exam in the first step when a vet visit his patient,it let us to get enough knowledge and make a right decision.

Treatment : Treatment is another step ,it help a vet to fix the problem and with continue medication for sick animal,we will be able to get control on diseases.

Vaccination :  vaccination is the main goal of veterinary medicine.In modern medicine,prevention is the first goal,then treatment.Please make sure that your pet  vaccination be up dated.

Deworming : Deworming help us to control parasites and keep people and our pet in good health condition.There is some parasites that are common between human and animal,deworming program and fecal test  every six months help us to keep our pet  free of parasites.

Heartworm test :  Hearth worm in North America is common in dog and cat.It can be transfered by  insects.If pet become contaminated and adult worm appear in the heart,a serologic test (blood test) help to find contamination and treatment recommended for a sick animal.Heart worm prevention program available at mobile veterinary service and we recommend to pet owners to consult us for more information.

Diagnostic lab work :  Diagnostic lab work help us to evaluate pet health.In case that physical exam doesn't help us to get enough information and find out about the internal organs function,blood work in the best choice and next step .

Microchip permanent identification : If you concern of pet lost and need your pet  I.D.,we recommend microchip which implanted under skin and stay for life.Any time a vet scan your pet an individual number show up in the scanner that indicate your pet I.D.#

Euthanasia :  the best way  to put down a sick animal or an aggressive animal  without pain  is euthanasia.With injection pet go to deep anesthesia and when heart and brain stop,pet will not be able to feel any pain or stressful procedures.

The following services are available by arrangement at Bayviewwoods Animal Hospital in richmond hill animal hospital .

Radiology : In modern veterinary medicine,radiology and ultrasound help us to evaluate internal organs .Any change in shape and location help us to make a right diagnosis and decision.

Surgery :   surgery is very common these days and is part of our routine work every day.Spay and neuter are routine surgeries in animal hospitals and emergency and cosmetic  surgeries are the next.

Dentistry : Dentistry is one of the most important part in veterinary medicine.Periodontal disease and gingivitis are very common in the older animal.To prevent those diseases  and teeth extraction ,teeth  check up and teeth clean  is recommended every year.

Anesthesia :  Anesthesia is  essential for surgeries and pain control is recommended  when pet suffer from pain.

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Keywords: Animal Hospitals, pet, Physical Exam

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