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By: A51 Integrated  09-12-2011

We do all the background research, size up your competition and develop a cutting–edge Social Media marketing and PR campaign to give your brand a competitive edge.

  • Facebook Updates

    Facebook is the easiest way to interact directly with your fans. We take the time to listen and respond to your audience, create incentives to encourage activity, and last but not least, generate ‘Likes’.

  • Twitter Updates

    Make the most of 140 characters, with each tweet specifically written to draw attention, create a buzz, and reach your audience.

  • Moderation

    Online forums and Social Media accounts are the perfect platform to inaugurate and moderate discussions. We keep in touch with your consumer and capture important feedback for your product or service.

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    Increasingly, our speciality and passion lies in developing the “original” Social Media — multi–user applications, used for casual gaming, chat, consumer & business environments, and MMO communities. We still pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a unique online solution that will give any brand a competitive edge. When our company first entered the digital channel in 1997, the internet was young and blossoming.