by a la Carte Kitchen

By: a la Carte Kitchen  09-12-2011


Olive Oil

Drizzle over pasta salad before tossing for a wonderful flavour. Place bread dipping oil in a pan as you roast root vegetables. It also provides a wonderful marinade for beef, chicken, lamb and pork.

Oregano & Garlic/ Thyme & Lemon/ Thyme & Red Pepper/ Rosemary/ Tarragon/ Truffle  


Flavoured vinegars add excitement to salads, marinades and sauces and are a wonderful way to preserve the flavour of your favourite herbs and fruits!

Oregano/ Rosemary/ Raspberry/ Blueberry/ Tarragon

South Asian flavours 

A collection of Sweet curry sauces and Chutneys that will give a tantalizing flair to sautéed chicken breasts, pork chops, or catfish. It can be used as a marinade or a dipping sauce for shrimp, or as a sauce for couscous.

Sauces: Curry Sauce/ Butter Masala Sauce.

Chutneys: Spiced pepper & TomatoChutney/ Spiced Pepper and FruitChutney/ Indian Peach and Pepper Chutney

Jams & Preserves

Capture the fresh taste and aroma of ripe summer fruits and enjoy during the cold chill of winter over toast in the morning along with a hot cup of tea

A great relish for creamy Brie or goat cheese, or can be warmed and served over cake slices or ice cream.

Fig/ Strawberry/ Blueberry/ Raspberry/ Apricot & Peach